Who We Are?

Our Mission

We are Techohealth.com, our main goal is to provide you latest news and articles about technology, Sci-Fi tech, androids, computers, and many more that can help you to make life easier.

-Kunal Salekar

We believe in futuristic way to see the world!!!

kunal salekar techohealth.com

About the Author

Hey there myself Kunal Salekar, AI-ML Engineer by profession and part-time Blogger, I am Greatly interested in Futuristic Tech and its applications, since I am aware of many technologies that we use in our day to day life, so my main goal is to provide as much information as possible to make your life simple and easy. 

Our Core Values

We make our blogs on tons of research and analysis to provide you the best information available on internet

If you have any Queries/Suggestions/basic conversation feel free to ask me on any of my social media platform, I will be extremely happy to help you at an instance of time.

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