Top 16 Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology & working

Recently IBM launched its new 2nm chip technology, which will be extremely energy-efficient and high performing silicon chip as compared to the previous generations, here are some of the Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology & workings.

IBM’s 2nm chip technology breakthrough:

Semiconductors the foundation of data processing are the core of computing, these are the most important and critical in our day-to-day life, right from cellphones to home appliances.

Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology & working by

In the current technological and overpopulated world, the demand for energy and more computing power is constantly increasing, due to which there’s a high demand for low power consuming high efficient semiconductor chips.

Due to this IBM developed a Semiconductor chip of 2nm (nanometer), which has 45% higher performance and 75% more energy-efficient as compared to the older 7nm chipset as stated by IBM.

Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology & working by

The company stayed in a statement posted on its blog this means according to the company that this technology could quadruple the battery life of their mobile phones allowing them to be charged only once every four days.

It would also mean an increase in computer performance and big benefits for the data centers in the next decade in the microchip industry.

Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology & working by

IBM says its new processor is capable of holding 50 billion transistors on a chip the size of a fingernail comparison its 5-nanometer chip announced in 2017 may contain only 30 billion transistors.

There is an international shortage of microchips which affects several industries for example automobile industries have had to suspend production due to a lack of processor chipsets.

Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology by

Large smartphone firms have warned that this shortfall would affect smartphone production, it is also difficult to find some high-end computing components such as the graphic cards which price has been raised on Thursday.

Nintendo said low chip availability was affecting the production of its popular Nintendo switch console so what do you think will this new chip will change the world entirely in the technology sector. (comment down below)

How IBM 2nm chip works:

Transistors are a type of semiconductor, the more transistors on a semiconductor mean the more amount of calculation they can perform by using the same amount of power, thus by increase efficiency as well as performance.

How IBM 2nm chip technology works by

The transistors that we discussed are produced and implemented on a silicon wafer, that has 100s of individual chips, something like a high-tech cookie sheet.

Four years ago, IBM created a revolutionary architecture designed to produce a chip with transistor components as small as five nanometers.

How IBM 2nm chip technology works by

Similar to that technology, currently IBM has developed the world’s first 2nm chip, which is soo thin that it is similar to that of a single strand of human DNA.

Designed and produced by IBM Research at its semiconductor research facility in Albany, New York, this wafer contains hundreds of chips the size of a fingernail, each with 50 billion two nanometer transistors.

How IBM 2nm chip technology works by

This breakthrough will help accelerate advancements in areas such as AI, 5G, and 6G, edge computing, autonomous systems, and space exploration.

The 2-nanometer chip continues IBM Research’s legacy of contributions to semiconductor innovations. These include the first implementation of five nanometer and 7-nanometer process technologies, single-cell DRAM, the Dennard scaling laws, chemically amplified photoresists, and many others.

How IBM 2nm chip technology works by

Now that IBM Research has made it possible, it shouldn’t be too long before 2-nanometer technology becomes the industry standard. This kind of innovation from IBM Research has kept IBM’s technology on the cutting edge from two nanometers chips, to platforms like IBM Power Systems and IBM Z, to quantum computing and beyond.

IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip:

The 5nm and 7nm chips are available in the market, with recent development by IBM, there’s an edged competitor for 5nm and 7nm and that is IBM’s latest 2nm chipset.

SnapDragon’s latest 888 5G processor is also based on 5nm Technology.

IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip  by

So we can make assumptions that how powerful will bet the 2nm chip will be.

So what’s the actual difference between 2nm, 5nm, and 7nm chip.

  • 2nm has more numbers of Transistors as compared to 5nm and 7nm.
  • Plus it also has a compact design as compared to the previous generations.
  • It has 45% more performance and 75% more battery efficiency as compared to the older ones
  • It has 333MTr/mm^2 more transistors as compared to 5nm & 7nm.
IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip  by
IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip  by
IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip  by
IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip  by
IBM 2nm chip vs 5nm chip vs 7nm chip  by

Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology

According to my knowledge here are some of the applications of IBM’s new 2nm chip technology.

Applications of IBM 2nm chip technology by

1) Powerful Computing Devices:

We all need powerful computers and a processor is the main component that decides whether the computer will run slower or faster, the more requirement the more powerful processor is required for PCs.

Recently Intel launched its flagship and most powerful 11th Gen processor that is based on 10nm, just think what if we make processors made from of 2nm.

The 2nm chip will be extremely beneficial for boosting the performance of normal personal computers.

Here are some basic intros about “INTEL 10TH-GEN VS 11TH-GEN (I5, I7, I9) DETAILED COMPARISON”

2) Smartphone Industry:

Currently, Snapdragon 888 (5G) is using a chip of 7nm and it is one of the most powerful processors in the world right now, what if we use IBMs 2nm chip in smartphones, the user experience and the scalability of androids & ios devices will be phenomenal.

3) Defense Systems:

Defense system requires the most important sector of any country and the development of high-end technology is the most important thing, as we know the technology used in defense is important so making a low-end product is not acceptable at all.

Due to this the government of the country makes sure that it fulfills all the tech requirements, due to this many companies use high-end processors in the manufacturing of defense systems.

Many devices like AI drones, Radar systems, Lidar scanners, night vision security systems, and much more. uses powerful processors like snapdragons, kirin, threadripper, intel 11th gens, etc.

So with the development of 2nm chip technology, it will be extremely beneficial to use such a powerful processor in military systems.

4) Development of AI, Deep learning & NeuralNets:

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks are the fields where processing power matters the most, due to which low-end devices are incapable of synthesizing such king of technologies.

The development of powerful processors will cause a drastic boost to the fields of AI, ML, DL, etc.

5) Self-Driving Cars:

As stated by IBM, Their 2nm chip is favorable to build AI-powered self-driving cars, which uses computer vision, image recognition, deep learning, neural nets, etc, to make a car run by itself.

IBM also stated in their documentation that their chips can be used in self-driving cars “IBM Unveils World’s First 2 Nanometer Chip Technology”

Here is some of our research as well “TESLA AI & HOW TESLA’S AUTOPILOT AI WORKS?”

6) Development of mainframe computers, Super Computers & Quantum computers:

As we discussed earlier powerful processor chip can build a powerful computer, so it can be used to make supercomputers by integrating many chips at a single board, mainframe computers are easily possible with the help of IBM of 2nm chipset.

7) Powerful Servers:

A fast and powerful server requires powerful processing, due to which it can deliver a better user experience to consumers, likewise for making a powerful server we will require processor like intel’s Xeon, AMD threadreaper, etc.

But this processor is based on 10nm technology, with the advancement in the chip-making industry we can make processors that are based on 2nm technology, thus we can create robust servers across the globe.

8) Reducing Carbonfootprints of Datacenters:

A carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an individual, since we are using datacenters and they are responsible for 8-10% of the total green house effect, its not only harmful for humans but it is also harmful for the environment, like natural flora nad fauna as well.

One of the main specialties of IBMs 2nm chip is that it’s extremely energy efficient as compared to the previous models, due to which it will also be better for the environment as well as it will consume less electricity.

9) Development of powerful AR and VR devices:

AR & VR technology is used in many sectors of the world, right from gaming, healthcare simulation, military simulation, virtual world, productivity and much more.

For developing and maintaining such powerful devices we will require powerful processing power which will be possible through IBM’s latest 2nm chip technology.

Recently Facebook launched its AR WristBand have a look at “FACEBOOK AR WRISTBAND (WORKING, USES, BENEFITS, FUTURE, APPLICATIONS)”

10) Efficient Battery Systems:

Many technologies are working on batteries like smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and much more, due to which it becomes very important to make less power consuming processors.

As stated by IBM, their latest chip saves up to 75% less battery consumption as compared to the previous 5nm and 7nm generations, hence it will be extremely beneficial for better battery management.

11) Deployment of Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

Hybrid Cloud Systems is directly related to private VPS servers, and servers require powerful processing, and that is possible with the help of high-end precessor.

Hence the 2nanometer chip is best suitable for cloud as well as for specialized VPS storages.

12) Development of Robust IoT Technologies:

Many IoT microprocessors and microcontrollers are still in a development phase, due to the less powerful processing power they are less capable of making a better IoT solutions.

Microprocessors like RaspberryPi and Arduino UNO have a better chance to replace their chip with a 2nm chip for better performance.

13) For better speech recognition and NLP:

Natural Language Processing requires a powerful system to operate, with the help of IBM’s 2nm chip technology the application of NLP will be greatly diversified.

14) Better Management and Manipulation of BigData:

The whole world works on BigData, many companies claims that “data is the new currency” , “data is the new electricity”, according to this statements we can see the importance of data and big data.

Big data is a collection of multiple datasets, this data can be used in Data modeling, data manipulation, data mapping, and much more, by many MNCs.

Managing and Processing Big Data not only requires better software solutions but also hardware as well. Better hardware means the lesser time required to synthesize data.

Hence in this field also IBM’s latest 2nm chip will be extremely helpful.

15) Gaming:

Better hardware is directly correlated to better performance i.e fps (frames per second), in a competitive field like gaming performance matters the most, due to which many tech companies are producing powerful GPUs and CPUs.

If we implement 2nm technology in GPUs and CPUs it will give a drastic boost to the gaming industry as well.

16) Graphic Designing and Video Editing:

In the field of Graphic designing and Video editing, much robust software like Premier Pro, final cut pro, adobe illustrator, photoshop, etc are required due to which they demand high performance, due to which IBM’s latest 2nm chip will create a great up-gradation in the Editor’s field.

Sorry for the imperfection while explaining the concepts, I sincerely apologize for that,

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