How Artificial Super Intelligence Works & Applied

After doing a lot of research on AI, I have shared my own experience on what is Artificial Super Intelligence is working, applications of Artificial Super Intelligence, and much more related to Super AI, ASI is a modified form of AI which has it’s own ability to think and act and make decisions by himself.

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.” —Ginni Rometty

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a broad branch of computer science, we can also say AI is a much more advanced sector in computer science. The main goal of Artificial Intelligence is to create systems and ecosystems that can work intelligently and independently on their own, just like humans but with much more accuracy and at a much faster pace.

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We can say Artificial Intelligence copies or mimics human intelligence, with respect to learning and applying and problem-solving as well. AI is used in many fields like medicine, marketing, education, robotics, business analysis, and much more, we are also using AI in our day to day life as well, right from Apple’s Siri, to Google Maps, from products suggestion in e-commerce website to youtube suggestions, from google auto search suggestion to facebook’s auto content recommendations, AI is literally everywhere but we are less aware of it.

We often think that Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning are same, because they have common applications but it’s not true as it seems to be. These three things are different from each other but they are subsets of each other.

what is Artificial Super Intelligence by

There are many sources from which you can learn what is AI and how it works, So you can just search for other articles as well.

In this session, we are going to talk about some special type of Artificial Intelligence what we call Super Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Super Intelligence, basically, it is one of the types of AI, which is much more advance and powerful as compared to other parts of AI.

How Artificial Intelligence works

AI is one of the most rapidly growing and transforming fields, the use of Artificial Intelligence is constantly increasing in the field of healthcare, medicine, Business, Education, and much more.

Right from automated automobiles to fully digitalized smart homes, specifically speaking AI uses Data to train itself and performs certain given tasks, as per schedule.

Now we’ve talked about a lot of the different ways that artificial intelligence has ingrained itself into our daily routines from social media to generating art to possibly being in our brains in the future but what we haven’t talked about is how does AI actually work.

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If you’re thirsty you go find some water programming and algorithms to do that would only require you to say if thirsty find water it doesn’t require a ton of data or other information or statistical analysis to figure out how to do it

However, there are certainly complex tasks that take human intelligence a really long time to pick up it can take babies months to learn how to walk through a process of trial error and growth

Similarly, it can take a long time to learn how to solve a complex problem or perform a complex task human intelligence allows us to take all of the information that we’ve ever encountered both consciously and unconsciously and use it to figure out what the correct decision is or the correct way to complete a task

Artificial intelligence is something similar but with algorithms in essence artificial intelligence.

Basically, it solves complex problems by statistically analyzing data a common, for an example is using artificial intelligence to predict the cost of a home-based on the size so if you have data on both the size of a house and the amount of money that it was sold for you can use those data points to predict a formula. For what the relationship between the size of a house and the price might be from there you can apply that formula to a home that you know the size of but you don’t know the price of yet when we talk about

How Artificial Super Intelligence works by

For another example if you had lots of data for sales vs advertising spend, you can plot that data to see some kind of a pattern if the machine can learn this pattern then it can make predictions based on what it has learned.

While one or two or even three dimensions is easy for humans to understand and learn machines can learn in many more dimensions like even hundred or thousands that’s why machines can look at lots of high dimensional data and determine patterns once it learns these patterns it can make predictions that humans can’t.

Even come close to we can use all these machine learning techniques to do one of two things classification or prediction as an example When you use some information about customers to assign new customers to a group, like young adults then you are classifying that customer.

If you use data to predict if they’re likely to defect to a competitor then you’re making a prediction there is another way to think about learning algorithms used for AI.

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If you train an algorithm with data that also contain the answer then it’s called supervised learning, for example, when you train a machine to recognize your friends by name you’ll need to identify them for the computer.

If you train an algorithm with data where you want the machine to figure out the patterns then it’s unsupervised learning, for example, you might want to feed the data about celestial objects in the universe and expect the machine to come up with patterns in that data by itself!

If you give an algorithm a goal and expect the Machine through trial-and-error to achieve that goal then it’s called reinforcement learning a robot’s attempt to climb over the wall until it succeeds is an example of that so there you go.

types of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence are further more classified according to their capabilities and functionalities as per requirements.

There are three types of Artificial Intelligence according to their field of requirement, and what are they, how they works, let’s see.

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence
  • Artificial General Intelligence
  • Artificial Super Intelligence or Super Artificial Intelligence
Different types of Artificial Intelligence by

1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence:

As the name suggests it’s a much smaller and weaker version of AI, that works for a specific task, works for a narrow spectrum of algorithms.

The limitations of Narrow AI is that it cannot handle more complex and huge tasks, It specifically focuses on one task and cannot perform beyond its limitations, it’s basically used in NLP (Natural Language Processing), which is related to tasks like speech recognition, understanding human natural languages for better communication, and like such other simple but advance tasks as compared to others.

Application of Narrow AI in our day to day life is apple’s Siri, Google Translate, Face Recognition and tasks similar to certain specific small spectrum.

2) Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence or General AI is much more capable and advance AI as compared to Narrow AI, it is also called as Strong AI.

It has the ability to learn, understand and perform any intellectual and skillful task that a human can, YES it has the actual ability to mimic human intelligence.

Currently, the development of General AI is on its prime, many companies like OpenAI are continuously working on Strong AI or General Artificial Intelligence. Recently Microsoft invested 1Billion dollars in OpenAI, for the development of much more efficient AI.

As I told Strong AI is not completely build till now (2021), and it will take more years to build a complete General AI.

Currently K-computer and Tianhe-2 are considered to be the strongest computers that has the ability to develop Strong AI.

3) Artificial Super Intelligence or Super Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Super Intelligence or Super AI is considered to be the strongest and the final stage of AI, Super AI exceeds human intelligence and has the capabilities to perform any task better than human capabilities.

The self-learning and self-improving abilities of Artificial Super Intelligence is what makes it special, it is the refined form of AI that works on its own when the data is provided and has the abilities to perform better, as compared to human intelligence or human cognitive skills.

What is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) or Super Artificial Intelligence (SAI):

Artificial Super Intelligence or Super AI is a form of Artificial Intelligence that is much more powerful and intelligent as compared to any other type of AI it is capable of not only copying human intelligence but can easily bypass human cognitive skills and can develop thinking skills of its own.

What is Artificial Super Intelligence or Super Artificial Intelligence by

Some of the important is to make decisions like humans, solve complex puzzles and problems, and find a way on its own. For now, the existence of Artificial Super Intelligence is hypothetical.

Development of such an advance form of AI, will take time and lots of money to invest in. The neural networks in this AI is huge as compared to Ai we are using in our current lives.

We are not sure but, a single iteration of super AI will have more processing power than the entire human race combines, with this huge amount of computing powers Super Artificial Intelligence can solve many problems of the human race.

Hypothetically ASI can perform all the tasks that humans can think of, right from creating a new mathematical theorem to explaining physic law in a different way or exploring more and more possibilities about outer space and interstellar travels, and much more.

How Artificial Super Intelligence is made and How Artificial Super Intelligence Works?

So hypothetically speaking how could we create Artificial Super Intelligence ? and will creating ASI is safe for us ?

Let’s think from the basic fundamentals, the two dominant types of creatures on the earth are organisms and machines, organisms can be machines but machines cannot be organisms.

The difference between organisms and machine is their own behaviour, and way of performing activities in a certain way.

Let’s get the fundamentals clear, The Activities of both, organisms and machines are distintive. Let’s think of an watch the actions of a watch depends on it’s whole system, but it not tries to better himself, its specific at its own world.

Likewise, if we want to grow muscles we eat and exercise, if we want to grow more muscles gradually we work hard and our body grows and can lift much heavier weights.

In this experiment, we learned that a watch cannot grow or increase its speed by itself but humans can, likewise it’s difficult for a machine to think of its own and make decisions and perform on its own.

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How Artificial Super Intelligence works

Human mind is full of emotions, and curiosity. Curiosity is what makes us different from other species and emotions are just concepts constructed b the brain.

How Artificial Super Intelligence works

Take an example, At the beginning of our life, we are unaware of many things around us, like what this water from the sky called? (Rain), What’s that glowing rectangle in the wall? (window) likewise many, we are receiving all sorts of data from our surroundings from eyes, ears, skin, etc.

But this data is also ambiguous, it has to be interpreted in many ways from external sources of knowledge and also from curiosity.

So it will take too long time to process thousands of memories and thoughts at a time, for that the brain uses the method of concepts, concepts are the shortened form of information that has certain triggering elements to remember.

So if a human brain sees certain new thing it dosen’t as “what is this ?” it asks “what is this like ?”

Similarly the composition of Artificial Super Intelligence or Super Artificial Intelligence works.

As I said earlier it mimics human thinking abilities, but the interesting fact is that it don’s use the method of concepts to remember like humans.

As it has control over a huge amount of data it has the ability to process Petabits of data at once, that’s how Artificial Super Intelligence works.

How Close we are to build artificial super intelligence

Just take an example, YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the internet in the modern world videos can be watched on PCs laptops mobile devices and even watches.

however think back 10 years ago to January of 2005 and you may start to realize just how fast technology is advancing YouTube will not exist for another month the first iPhone was still two years away LCD TVs were still incredibly expensive.

Ford model-t was still three years away add another zero and the world is now a very primitive place with no electricity and a very small grasp of modern science and one more zero and suddenly civilization as we know it ceases to exist debt.

logical progress is speeding up the next 10 years will produce a new world which makes the modern world look outdated and slow by comparison this progress is happening faster and faster and is predicted that in this century will make 1,000 times the progress in technology compared to the last century.

these facts are largely unchallenged the big question is where are we headed we now arrive at the problem of the singularity.

two big questions to answer are will it happen and will it be beneficial to mankind.

So let us start with a more basic question what is the singularity to put it simply the singularity is the moment where an intelligence smarter than any human on the planet is created and when that intelligence begins to make smarter versions of itself at an ever-increasing rate.

Such intelligence could quickly become smarter than every human on the planet combined and this would make it the dominant force on the planet much in the same way humans became dominant not through brute strength but through their technology and their intelligence.

it should be noted that while a lot of representations of the singularity depicted financial rights in the rate of advancement it is still not infinite.

at some point after the creation of the Artificial super intelligence (ASI) a level off would have to occur when that would actually happen is a complete mystery to all of us.

The main point is that the advanced and technological progress will be beyond human comprehension the reason for this is because of smarter than human intelligence would be exactly that with a power of a supercomputer with petabytes exabytes or zettabytes of memory and processing speeds.

Much faster than human it could perform a month’s worth of thinking in a second multitasking will be trivial and a global system of cameras will allow sensory capabilities vastly better than humans.

With superhuman capabilities and super intelligences proverbial fingertips it could potentially improve itself at a faster and faster rate what form the singularity will occur in is still unknown some possibilities include a hive mind or a transhuman singularity.

The most believer will occur through AI artificial intelligence at as it exists today is known as (ANI) Artificial Narrow Intelligence.

The elegance this type of AI specializes in one tasks for example an AI specializing chess would be useless at checkers AGI is an artificial general intelligence this is an AI that matches humans in almost all areas of the brain.

This type of AI would be as capable as a human in fort AGI does not currently exist a wild mouse a our research is directed towards ANI we are getting closer to an AGI.

Each year there are multiple ways in AGI may be created one of these methods involves simulating an entire human brain computers are currently not powerful enough to do this but most predictions place it sometime after 2025.

as a period in which such a simulation will be possible thanks to exponentially advancing technology.

Finally there is ASI Artificial Super Intelligence at this level the AI is smarter than humans and its capabilities are greater than humans and ASI would be incomprehensible to humans and have given access to the outside world.

Its actions would be unpredictable and unstoppable the singularity could occur in two different ways a soft take-off or a hard takeoff an ASI and may find that makes other copies of itself becomes increasingly harder as it continues and the process may take many months years or centuries.

Other restraints may include hardware limitations or inbuilt safeguards to protect against an uncontrollable intelligence explosion this is known as a soft takeoff a hard takeoff may occur on milliseconds in which the second we create an AGI it quickly becomes an ASI within a matter of milliseconds or seconds.

Such a scenario would make the combined intelligence of humans appear as that of ants – an ASI which takeoff scenario is most likely is still unknown wherever a singularity will actually occur and what will happen to you humanity.

When one of these is created is still unknown when the singularity will occur if ever is also not yet known some have placed it a 2045 while others have placed it to be within the next 100 years.

once singularity is created unless if we are prepared there will be no retries what we create is what will quickly begin to influence the world around us in drastic ways we won’t expect the bright sides of this however is that we get to make the first move.

We have both time and research to consider what a super intelligence may want to do with us once it is created so what will happen once the super intelligence is created will it be beneficial to humanity next time.

Application of Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

As we know Artificial Super Intelligence is still a hypothetical concept, maybe it can be developed in the future. If it happens these are the possible applications of superAI.

1) Programming & Development:

Programming is the field where it takes lots of logical, critical, and innovative thinking, and it’s time and resource-consuming as well. In this super Artificial intelligence can quite helpful, starting from building the logic of the program from thousands of available data, to compiling and debugging the program.

As AI will have access to millions of programs and their application, so it will be piece of cake for Artificial Super Intelligence to dominate in the field of programming and development.

Will Artificial Super Intelligence replace programmers and developers ?

Currently it is not possible for Artificial Super Intelligence to replace programmers and developers, because it’s still a sci-fi concept, and to build a super AI, it will take a long time for humans to make such thing as possible. As per the development of Super AI is not possible because of limited advancement in research and development of AI technology and according to me it will take many decades for Artificial Super Intelligence to completely replace humans.

2) Discovery & Development of Vaccines and Medicines:

Healthcare is one of the most researched fields, the development of Artificial Intelligence in the field of healthcare is constantly increasing, right from drug development to drug delivery.

The use of AI in the field of Nanorobotics & Nanobots for vaccine and drug delivery is on-demand, have a look at “HOW NANOBOTS WILL HELP IN VACCINE DELIVERY & DEVELOPMENT

Currently, Artificial General Intelligence is being developed for helping professionals in the healthcare and medicine field, development of vaccines, new strains of medicines that are much more effective, different types of AI-powered medical equipment are also being developed with the help of AI.

3) Scaling-up Business:

The use of AI in business is possible with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI uses specific automation tools to carry out tedious and complex tasks and complete them within more accurate and time saving method.

Many companies like UIpath, Automation Anywhere are using AI to automate their business tasks, like managing e-commerce clients, customer services, In the future super AI will be used to carry out many tasks by computers that are now being controlled by humans.

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4) Space Research:

With the development of Supercomputers many organizations like NASA, SpaceX, ISRO, etc are using AI-powered systems and computers for estimating probabilities of many equations, theories, researches, rocket launches, and missions.

Application of Artificial Super Intelligence

The scope of Artificial Super Intelligence in space research is never-ending, as we know Elon Musk is on the verge of creating a city on Mars, in this scenario AI will be greatly helpful for many problem-solving.

Take a example of TARs (the AI powered personal robot in interstellar)

5) Research in Biology & Human Healthcare:

This field is more about Genetic Engineering, DNA cloning, Hybrid Humans, humanoid Robots, Synthetic Organs, and much more.

There are many Sci-Fi based movies which gives us a glimpse of use of AI in human development, as per now we are not certain how AI will help in our own development, but still we can take a rough guess of it.

6) Education Advancement:

The education system is ever flourishing, with the advancement, in the current education curriculum many concepts of AI, ML, Deep Learning, Neural Networks are being introduced for students, this can be potentially helpful for the development of the field of Artificial Intelligence, and for its own country as well.

PROs and CONs of Artificial Super Intelligence:

This is a rough guess of what will be the effects super AI on our lives

PROs and CONs of Artificial Super Intelligence

PROs of Artificial Super Intelligence:

1) Time Saving:

AI is fast and accurate and due to this it is faster as compared to humans and can save time, which the company can utilize for research and development purposes.

2) Cost Effective:

The initial cost investment of AI is high, but over time it doubles up and triples up the profit and can work more efficiently than high-paying workers.

3) Can work 24×7:

Machines tend to work day and night, it’s the only way through which we can maximize the profit and the cost invested in it. AI can work day and night without complaining and taking breaks.

4) Can perform complex and tedious tasks with ease:

As we know AI is super smart, because it has lots and lots of data, from which it can perform complex and tedious tasks with greater ease.

5) Errorless:

Humans tend to make errors but machines are not, likewise AI makes less errors as compared to a human.

CONs of Artificial Super Intelligence

1) Can make Humans Jobless:

We are not sure but there are high chances if AI automates everything there are many sectors in which AI can make people jobless.

2) Can Cause Cyberwar:

Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful thing, and has the potential to initiate any cyber attack by its own, due to which there is lot’s of misconceptions about AI that it can also leads to World War 3, we are not sure about that!!!

3) Can end Human existence:

See every creature love it’s own community, likewise if we nurture AI with feelings gradually it will develop it’s own feelings towards his mates, this thing can be fatal for humans because what if AI tries to eradicate humans from earth?

Artificial Super Intelligence examples:

There are many countries which are building their own Super Computer, for which the computers can be used for AI as well.

Artificial Super Intelligence examples

Super computers like

  1. Japanese supercomputer, Fugaku

To be clear these are not any specific Artificial Intelligence or something, these are worlds most powerful supercomputers till date. Which holds the potential to form Super AI as well.

Future of Artificial Super Intelligence or Super Artificial Intelligence or SuperAI:

What I personally think from my tons of research, that we have not seen any significant disadvantage of AI.

Future of Artificial Super Intelligence or Super Artificial Intelligence or SuperAI

Till date Artificial Intelligence is quite helpful and supportive to humans, and there are high chances that it will continue in future as well, in future Artificial Super Intelligence will be an amazing discovery by human mankind, and i hope it will solve many human problems related to health, finance, research & development and much more.

The future of Artificial Intelligence with humans is amazing and bright,,,, Believe me!!!!

Till then Take care & Have a good Day –kunal salekar

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