12 Best Front End Web Development Languages in 2021

A Front End web Development Language uses certain web development frameworks to make dynamic and user-friendly websites and web applications. so which is Best Front End Web Development Languages? let’s see one by one which is the programming language for front end development

What is Front End Development:

As the name suggests Front end literally means what we see in front of our screen or at first sight what we see on a website is called a front end.

What we see on on website through a browser is called front end development, Front end development works on three ascepts, which are

  1. Structure (basic framework)
  2. Designing (beautiful and easy to use)
  3. Workflow (All working algorithm behind a complete design)

Majorly we use HTML for structure and CSS for designing and JavaScript for framework integration, currently, JQuery is more preferred for website integration.

Ezoicreport this adSo we can say all the animations, patterns, sequences, designs, etc comes under front end development in website and web application too.

How Front End Development Works?

Consider a website like Flipkart.com if we make a whole website with the only HTML it will only make a rough structure like this.

Best Front End Web Development Languages
Flipkart.com without CSS

If we add css to the flipkart website we will get the following results, and addition to this JavaScript adds a better user interaction to the front end web development.

Best Front End Web Development Languages
Flipkart.com with CSS

In recent years JQuery is more-overly used as compared to javascript, as it makes more responsive and dynamic front end websites.

Front End Developer Salary:

Basically we can say it totally depends upon in which company you are working and in which city and on which project you are working, it also depends upon what’s your post in the company as well as in the project.

According to many companies, the average salary of Front End Developer is $100,000 – $103,000/year as predicted, it may vary according to the company.

In today’s world cities also decide the amount of your salary ie to be increased or decerased.

So currently the highest paying cities in the U.S are San Francisco, D.C., Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, and Chicago.

Best Front End web development Technologies:

1) React( a Responsive Web Front-End Development):

2) Angular.js (for Dynamic Front-End Development)

3) Vue.js (for Web App Front-End Development)

4) Elm (for a Reactive Front-End Web Development)

5) Flutter (for both Cross-Platform Mobile and Web Front-End Development)

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Top 12 Best Front End Web Development Languages to learn in 2021:

Here are the top selections of the 12 best programming languages for front end development

1) JavaScript:

Best Front End Web Development Languages
source medium.com

Javascript also pronounced as JS is a lightweight and extremely fast programming language. javascript is also known as a just-in-time compiled programming language with First-class functions.

JavaScript is a well-known scripting language for web applications and non-browser environments, many companies like Cloud-DB, Adobe Acrobat uses it.

JavaSCRIPT is also an OOP (object-oriented programming language), along with HTML, CSS, Javascript is also considered as the vital component of WorldWideWeb.

JS supports API (application programming interface), which means it can work with regular expressions, standartd data structures and algorithms, and also with document object model (DOM).

Best Front End Web Development Languages
The number of active software developers detected in 2019. Source: Developer Economics.


extensive libraries

high speed

extensive functionalities

ease of use


difficult for beginner programmers

high amount of vulnerability can be found

multiple browser support

Javascript is so special that the world’s topmost companies’ websites are made with javascript. like

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia.org
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • eBay

With many tech-giants working on javascript the future of javascript is more bright as compared to other front end programming language, making Javascript the Best Front End Web Development Languages.

2) CSS:

Best Front End Web Development Languages
source medium.com

Another popular front end development language is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is considered as the designer front end web development language.

CSS acts as a presentation language for HTML and is also considered as a vital part of WorldWideWeb.

CSS is a designer language which blends with HTML in the terms of layout, colors, fonts, and many more. it’s a presentation language which helps html in presenting more dynamic and user friendly web pages.

The specification of CSS is maintained by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) basically it operates a validation services for CSS for free.

CSS basic style, look and design to a website by using HTML, while CSS3 uses an integration of javascript and mobile development and web app development with it, like dynamic transitions, layouts, patterns and many more.

By this we can basically say that CSS is a helping hand for HTML, and without css html can be insufficient.


A simple language to learn

multiple supporting browsers

high speed


difficult to integrate with cross platform

there are lots of vulnerabilities in css

choosing css for a beginner might be confusing

3) Angular.JS:

Best Front End Development Languages
source medium.com

AngularJS is a web framework for Front end web development, which is developed and maintained by the Google.com community and services.

Angularjs is made by Google, it is a dynamic toolset for making frameworks most suitable for making web applications.

It’s mainly famous for working with other libraries and it’s extensibility, you can easily modify libraries and replace them.

AngularJS uses MongoDB database an uses ExpressJS framework for making web applications.

The working of angularjs by loading and reading HTML language first, thereby loading its embeded attributes.

The reason why AngularJS comes under Best Front End Web Development Languages is because of it’s ready to install or ore-installed extensions and libraries which makes the process of Front End Web Development quite easier and well organised.

In the future, AngularJS will be used extensively by many companies due to its flexibility and compatibility with other programming languages.

Many famous websites use AngularJS for making their websites as well as for web applications.

1) The Guardian.com

Best Front End Development Language

2) Jetblue.com

Best Front End Web Development Languages

3) Lego.com

Best Front End Development Languages

4) iStock.com

Best Front End programming Languages

5) UpWork.com

Best Front End programming Languages


Simplified development process

High server performance

Easy HTML integration

Can build a faster web application prototype


For understanding angularjs you should have a deep understanding about javascript.

As javascript is littlebit difficult to learn similarly with angularjs.

Rendering with angularjs is quite slow.

4) RUBY + (Ruby on Rails):

Best Front End programming Languages
source medium.com

Ruby is a dynamic programming language which mainly focus on simplicity and ease of usability.

Ruby is mainly used for developing web applications, its functionality is similar to that of Python, so we can also use it for data analytics, prototyping concepts, etc.

But Ruby is mainly used for its Ruby on Rails framework for web application development.

Ruby on Rails is a web application framework, we can say Ruby on Rails is a server-side web application framework, in this the RAILS is a framework that helps to make dynamic websites and web applications.

Ruby on Rails uses the model-view-controller(MVC) framework to pattern and organize it’s web applications and websites.

There’s a reason why Ruby on Rails is extensively used for web application development because of its ease of migration, seamless management of multiple databases, dynamic table creations, scaffolding, and much more.

There are many famous websites that use the Ruby on Rails framework to make in the list of Best Front End Web Development Languages:

1) Airbnb

Best Front End programming Languages

2) GitHub

Best Front End programming Languages

3) Basecamp


4) Hulu

Best Front End programming Languages

5) Shopify

Best Front End Languages

6) Twitch

Best Front End Languages

Pros & Cons of Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development


Simple to use

High development speed

Huge number of Enthusiastic community

Easy in business logic implementation


Runtime speed and performance is low

Lack of flexibility

Decreasing popularity

5) React (ReactJS) :

Best Front End Languages
source medium.com

React framework for web development is considered as one of the best, and react just misses the 3-4 position of Best Front End Web Development Languages just because of its little-bit javascript complexity.

React is a Front end open-source, efficient, and flexible javascript library for building dynamic and attractive user interfaces.

Best Front End Languages
source reactjs.org

With the help of React, we can make complex UI’s from small to most isolated pieces of code what we often called as “components“.

Best Front End Languages

React is considered as the most popular and dynamic front end web development programming language as well as framework.

React is greatly improved in current updates and no doubt it will be the best framework for front end web development.

React uses both syntax of HTML and JavaScript what we call as JSX.

Many famous tech giants use ReactJs as their main web base framework including Facebook and many more.

The companies which use ReactJS are:

 1) BBC

Best Front End Languages

2) Facebook

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 11 at 12.54.51 AM 1 Techohealth.com

3) New York Times

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 11 at 12.54.51 AM 4 Techohealth.com

4) Reddit 

WhatsApp Image 2020 12 11 at 12.54.51 AM 2 Techohealth.com

For more information visit “reatjs.org”

6) Dart:

dart Techohealth.com
source medium.com

Technically speaking Dart is a cross platform for making android as well as ios applications. but with the introduction of flutter framework dart can also be used as make web applications.

Dart was used by google before releasing its framework known as flutter, Specifically speaking Dart is a programming which uses flutter framework to make web applications.

Dart is considered as one of the best programming for web application development, but the problem is it’s quite new and does not have that much of support.

Dart is very easy to learn because it has a similar syntax to that of “C” and “PYTHON” programming languages. it is a class-based object-oriented programming language.


high performance

availability of documentation

easy to learn

Dart is very stable


very limited resources

rarely used in the market

currently in development stage

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18 Factors will affect the Future of Software Engineering & Software Development

7) HTML:

html5 top Techohealth.com
source techcrunch.com

Here comes the king of web development, sorry for putting HTML in 7th position, just because the technology behind it is quite older.

But wait due to advancement in HTML libraries not it is one of the best front end programming languages for web development and is now called HTML5.

Hyper text markup language (HTML) is technically not a programming language but it’s a markup language.

HTML forms a basic structure to the website while CSS makes it bueatiful and user-friendly.

Initially many websites are made using HTML and CSS, so if you are new try html and css first.

For a beginner in web development, HTML & CSS is the most preferred language to learn.

We can say HTML acts as a building block to the website, it forms the skeleton of the web pages.

PROs and CONs of using html as a front web development language is


Easy to learn

can be easily integrated with other languages

supports multiple browser integration


HTML can be tedious to code as the code goes on increasing

Since it is one of the oldest, so security is quite weak

Many Amazing websites can be made using HTML :

1. Appy Fizz

WwV5aRczXTdncc5w9mYq7o 970 80.jpg Techohealth.com

2. Made by few

4RAqPzACdKqxV3mTDZ6Q8a 970 80.jpg Techohealth.com

3. Allbirds

v3MbpyjwBZA7BUpV3SxTMK 970 80.jpg Techohealth.com

8) Vue.JS:

vuejs Techohealth.com
source medium.com

If you want to make small web applications then Vue.JS is for you. Vue.JS offers a seamlessly-smooth user experience to the user.

Vue.JS is a open source front end web development language which uses Javascript framework.

We can say Vue.JS is a lightweight javascript framework that is ideal for small and low frame web applications and websites.


Tiny size


two-way data binding

Easy to learn


Reactivity complexity

Lack of support for large-scale projects

Limited resources

Lack of experienced developers

Here are some of the websites that integrates vue.JS

1. 9gag

9GAG Vue JS blog Techohealth.com

2. Behance

Behance Vue JS blog Techohealth.com

3. Nintendo

Nintendo Vue JS blog Techohealth.com

4.  Chess

Chess com Vue JS blog Techohealth.com

5. Gitlab

GitLab Vue JS blog Techohealth.com

6. Wizzair

Wizzair Vue JS blog Techohealth.com

9) Typescript:

typescript Techohealth.com
source medium.com

TypeScript is another dynamic programming language for front end web development which uses existing javascript framework.

front end web development Techohealth.com
The 2019 list of most loved languages. Source: Stackoverflow.

The speciality of TypeScript as compared to javascript is that it is simple to understand and also easy to debug.

In upcoming years TypeScript will be the first choice of many multi-national companies in front end web development and front end web application development.

The future of front-end web development will be greatly affected by the Typescript framework.



Rich IDE support

Fast refactoring


Not true static typing

One more JavaScript to learn

Addition of extra steps — transpiling

10) JQuery:

jquery Techohealth.com
source medium.com

As the slogan suggest JQuery is one of the simplest front end web development programming language in the market. It uses javascript libraries.

In current times the use of JQuery is decreasing because of newly coming dynamic and robust programming languages. But still many websites and web applications have faith in JQuery.

JQuery is extremely easy just because of its inbuilt plugins and libraries and extensions, it’s quite easy to make web applications using JQuery.



incredibly flexible

quickly and effective


frequent updates 

slower than CSS

unmanageable errors

Some of the famous websites that use jquery as an frint end web development language is


front end development

2) Baidu.com

3) bit.ly

front end development


Best Front End Languages
source medium.com

ELM is one of the latest language for front end development that uses javascript framework.

The main goal of using ELM is to create fast and errorless websites and web applications.

By using ELM we are able to make fast and robust front-end web apps and websites.


Easy to Understand ans use

Faster rate of Rendering

Progressive Web Apps


JSON decoders and encoders

Lack of Documentation and libraries

lots of Code

famous websites that uses elm are:



Best Front End Languages
source medium.com

SASS also called Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets is a scripting language similar to that of CSS.

Making a web application using SASS is much more easier as compared to other languages.

SASS uses an extremely simple method to make front end web development,, many people like SASS because of its simplicity.

The major speciality of

The major specialty of SASS is that it is compatible with any operating system.


sass facilitates you to write clean, easy code

more stable


elegant because it is an extension of CSS


losing benefits of browser’s built-in element inspector

Websites that uses SASS are

  1. Toyota
  2. vox media

Which is the Best Front End Web Development Languages or Front End WEB Development Technologies to learn? (Conclusion):

In my opinion many major tech companies uses Javascript as their main front end web development platform.

So it better to invest your valuable time in learning Javascript, rather than old technologies or undeveloped new technologies.

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