Application & Benefits of Facebook AR Wristband / Facebook AR Wristwatch

Recently Facebook has launched Its latest AR-based Wristband which is based on its latest neuroscience technology, they call it as “Facebook AR Wristband” which has the ability to sync with their AR Glasses and has the ability to perform amazing tasks with the help of augmented reality, here are some of the uses, application, working and future of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR.

I think everyone would basically agree that we do not have the science or technology today to build the AR glasses that we want. We may in five years, or seven years, or something like that. But we’re not likely to be able to deliver the experience that we want right now. —Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Wrist-Worn AR

Facebook AR WristBand / Facebook Wrist-Worn AR

Based on technology based on CTRL-Labs, Facebook recently launched its new series of WristBands based on Augmented Reality, In the past Facebook is working on their own android watches as in competition with Apple’s iwatch.

A startup from 2019, demonstrated In their video, they showed how Electromyography is used to translate subtle neural signals into action, like typing, scripting, swiping, controlling the simulation, or playing simulation games like archery, baseball, and much much more, other types of simulation is possible through the new facebook’s AR wristband.

Facebook AR Wristband by

Facebook’s AR wristband also provides haptic feedback to their user while using their AR-based wristbands. These haptic feedbacks are more responsive as compared to the basic hand tracking mechanism that we use in smartphones.

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works with Facebook AR glasses:

Ezoicreport this adThe haptic AR wrist band and AR glasses are synched together to create a virtual experience that can be used in day-to-day life as well as in professional fields as well, we will surely discuss the uses of Facebook wrist-worn AR.

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works with Facebook AR glasses by

With the help of their AR glasses, Facebook will create a virtual world that can be visualized and controlled by their AR wrist bands,

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works with Facebook AR glasses by

With the help of their neural technology, there is a very thin gap between reality and virtual world, which seems to be scary at first but the applications and amusement are vast.

How Facebook AR watch works with Facebook AR glasses by

Currently, the glasses are still in the development phase as stated by Facebook developers. But it will be soon available in the market for customer use, with their wrist band, so technically speaking we have to buy both for a better user experience (great strategy by the way).

How Facebook AR watch works with Facebook AR glasses by

Facebook stated that with the help of their AR wristband and AR Glasses they will not only provide visual stimulation of information but with the help of their Wrist-worn AR band, they will also provide haptic feedback to the user, why that’s important? because the major purpose of their AR band is to control the visuals provided by their AR glasses, for productivity, entertainment, or any other purposes.

For more info about Fb AR-VR visit “Facebook Reality Labs

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works?

The main goal of making this AR wristband is to make a “Human-centric computing platform”, that allows users to interact with computer simulation with much more effectivity.

As we discussed in the above section Facebook’s AR band is based on their specialized haptic feedback mechanism, that provides the user a much more stable user experience as compared to other devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works by

It’s an initiative by Facebook reality Labs, which works under this sector, the major purpose behind this to create human-computer interaction in the most possible natural way.

So the major key is their wristband that uses AR technology to work with their Glasses that also works on AR. Since the bands are in the research phase but it works on basic human hand gesture and hand tracking mechanism, that works for Facebook scrolling, Facebook calls, etc.

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works by

The AR-based wristbands track the nerve signals that can be converted into commands, for the band. So basically you can type on a virtual keyboard without touching the physical keyboard.

But wait that’s now actually the AR bands will work, instead of typing, we can use hand gestures to mimic typing actions, and then it will automatically type accordingly.

How Facebook Wrist-Worn AR works by

Facebook is researching haptic feedbacks and augmented reality, these smart interfaces are mobile to use that can be carried anywhere you wanted, the haptic mechanism is so advance that it can be used to control emotions as well as what they call vibrating actuators.

If you want to know more about the Future of Augmented reality visit “FUTURE OF AUGMENTED REALITY”

Facebook clearly stated that although the AR band reads neural signals this is not related to mind-reading, here’s how they explain the concept of how it works.

working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by

We have many thoughts in our brain, but we choose to act on some of them for an actual purpose, when that happens our brain sends signals to our hands and fingers to act upon it. Telling them to act in a specific order in order to perform specific tasks like typing and swiping.

This is where Facebook’s latest AR-based band comes in, the things that we are already decided to perform in our brain, and this band translate them into digital commands CTRL-labs are still developing this technology just like Elon Musk’s Neuralink.

working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by
working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by

so if you send control to your muscle saying that, I want to move your finger it starts in your brain it goes down your spine through motor neurons and this is an electrical signal .so you should be able to grab that electrical signal on the muscle and say oh okay the user wants to move the finger.

what is it like to feel like pushing a button without actually pushing it that could be as simple as hey I just want to move this cursor up or move it left well normally I would do that by actually moving but here you’re able to move that cursor left and it’s because you and a machine agreed which neurons mean left and which neurons mean right you’re in this constant conversation with the machine this new form of control it requires us to build an interface that adapts to you and your environment?

working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by
working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by
working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by
working and uses of Facebook AR Wristband by

So to summon all this randomized stuff, Facebook’s Augmented Reality based Wristband works on human neural signals, that are converted into digital form, and with the help of a specialized haptic mechanism, you can feel the movements you made while using the device.

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR or Uses of Facebook AR WristBand

Since the product is in the development stage, but according to the video launched by Facebook there are many possible uses of their new AR Wristband and AR glasses (according to me!)

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR or Uses of Facebook AR WristBand by

So here are some of the uses of Facebook’s AR WristBand and AR Glasses.

1) Video Streaming (entertainment):

Of course, we can stream Netflix, youtube, and other ott platforms with much more fun and reality added.

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR or Uses of Facebook AR WristBand by

2) Virtual Typing:

This is one of the specialties of Facebook’s wrist-worn AR and Glasses, to type virtually without using any physical product.

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR or Uses of Facebook AR WristBand by

3) Social Media Handling:

As we know this AR wristwatch and AR glasses are made by Facebook and their major business is social media, right from Instagram to WhatsApp, hence Facebook made it easy to use their and other’s social media platform with their bands and glasses.

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR or Uses of Facebook AR WristBand by

It works similar to that of virtual typing and swiping that also provides haptic feedback.

4) Swiping through News, Articles & Blogs:

We can also read our daily news and articles with much more efficiency and a tinge of reality.

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR by

It also eliminates the use of physical products.

5) Gaming:

The gaming industry is still in the development phase in the Augmented Reality Field, many companies like Ubisoft, e-sports are working on this area.

Applications of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR or Uses of Facebook AR WristBand by
Uses of Facebook AR WristBand

6) Virtual Simulation:

Virtual simulation refers to the simulation of a real-world scenario that can be experienced with Augmented Reality Glasses.

Uses of Facebook AR WristBand

7) Video Calling:

Currently, for video calling, we are using applications like ZOOM, Skype, Google meets, etc.

Uses of Facebook AR WristBand

Later or sooner we will implement this technology into AR devices that will make our video calling experience to the next level.

8) Multitasking:

We all know AR breaks the barrier of using physical devices due to which we can perform multiple tasks at the same time virtually, thus increasing productivity.

Uses of Facebook AR WristBand

9) Design & Modeling:

Designing and modeling is the greater area of application for the Augmented world.

10) Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is evergreen and due to which live interactive simulation is a better idea to know different places in the world.

11) Classroom Education:

Education is the most important aspect of human mankind, in which virtual reality and augmented reality play an important role in education by using the power of visualization, It is possible to create a better understanding environment.

Uses of Facebook AR WristBand in education

12) Field Service:

Field services are always physical and can be stressful as well, VR & AR plays an important role in better understanding the workflow of fields.

13) Public Safety & Maps:

We all use GPS in our day-to-day life for better and accurate navigation, with the help of AR glasses we can better concentrate on the road rather than screens of smartphones and tablets.

14) Medical & Engineering Training:

The medical field is a precise field in which a little mistake can be fatal to the person, rather than trying on artificial corps we can use AR glasses for better demonstration and educational purposes as well. Same with the engineering field as well in which the student can better understand the concepts.

15) Television broadcasts:

It’s similar to that of entertainment purposes, news channels can use VR & AR technology to better demonstrate the situation with glasses and watch bands.

16) Home Automation:

This is my personal favorite field of application of AR wristwatch and AR glasses, currently many smart devices like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa have been used for home automation purposes.

Uses of Facebook AR WristBand in home
Uses of Facebook AR WristBand in home

In which we are able to control some of the devices of the house with the help of our voice but in the case of AR wrist-watch we can easily control the systems and adjustments just by using hand gestures as shown in the figure.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook Wrist-Worn AR:

Everything has its own pros and cons likewise Facebook’s latest AR-based Wristband and AR glasses are here are some of the benefits of using AR wrist bands and AR glasses.

Advantages of Facebook AR wristband & AR Glasses

1) Increase the user knowledge

2) Ability to Share experience

3) Better visual Experience

4) Anyone can use AR like disabled people

5) It decreased the gap between the real and virtual world, thus increasing usability and effectiveness in the area of application

6) It decreases the risk of real-world failure

7) It saves lots of money on actual practical applications

8) Can be used in many fields like medical, engineering, gaming, and much more.

9) AR technology is much more enhanced in terms of visualization as compared to any other technology

10) We can create digital things which are not possible in real-world

11) It’s a great source of entertainment like games like POKEMON GO and other virtual games.

Disadvantages of Facebook AR wristband & AR Glasses

1) Expensive to build and maintain

2) Regarding user experience, socially using Augmented Reality may be inappropriate in some situations

3) Lack of privacy issues

4) It can cause psychological effects

5) Health issues like eye discomfort, obesity, etc may occur.

6) It can diminish the user experience of the real world

7) Cyberattacks can lead to privacy issues.

Future of Neural AR WristBand & AR Glasses:

Sure enough, the future of the Augmented industry is bright and exiting as well, many companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook invested heavily in AR & VR industry.

So for sure, we can say that the future is continuously booming with constant advancements in the Research and development sector.

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