32+ New features of Windows 11 that you Should Know

In the latest conference conducted by Microsoft Satya Nadella Stated that the new version of windows has a drastic change as compared to the older version. The New Windows 11 “Sun Valley” edition has many new features and UI improvements, Let’s see one by one.

One of the most Significant update of windows of the past decade is coming soon – Satya Nadella.

So all the hype created by Microsoft is real? Is Windows 11 coming, this year? Let’s see.

Updates on Windows 11:

Basically, there are 3 major sectors in which Microsoft is decided to make a change, in the new windows 11 “SUN Valley”

  • The new UI
  • New Features
  • A new Windows store

Recently Microsoft CEO was saying that the next massive iteration the next massive build of windows is essentially going to be coming out very soon.

Ezoicreport this adNow years ago you know I think 2015 or whatever when windows 10 came out they essentially said that this was the last version of windows you know it said there was going to be probably like no new number it’s just going to be windows 10 forever.

The CEO actually mentioned that he’s actually this was crazy he’s actually been testing the next generation of windows and he said it was a massive shift for them in the future and they’re essentially going to be releasing like 10 point x updates just like how mac os does.

So I guess they’re not alone you know mac os does it too and I’m not a fan of how mac os is either to be honest like I feel like it should be like Mac OS 15 when my ios 15 and all that stuff comes out just makes things so much smoother in my opinion.

So right now we do know that the next iteration you know the next massive update is going to be coming in the windows domain.

So that begs the question what could we possibly be seeing with this and I think a lot of people have been talking about things like you know speed improvements that were a pretty big thing that I saw and there were a couple of other hints here and there too but it’s either speed improvements or massive UI changes and in my opinion, it seems to be more like a massive UI change.

New Upcoming Features of Windows 11:

In the new Windows 11 Sun Valley version, we are going to see many new and amazing features and major improvements in the Latest operating system, here are some of the new features that Windows 11 offers.

1) New Windows 11 UI:

Of course, the most important thing about the latest windows 11 update is ist’s new UI, there are not many changes in the newer UI as per the teaser published by Microsoft, but there are many significant changes as compared to previous Windows 10, we will most probably discuss al the features below.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

New Windows UI has many changes right from soothing animations to updated task-bar navigation, right from the dynamic color combination to vividly designed icons, and much much more, Let’s discuss one by one.

2) Newly Designed Icons:

Newly designed icons are the major part of windows 11 sun valley update, here are some of the images of the new system icons of the new windows 11.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

They definitely look modern and subtle as compared to the older generation windows,

Microsoft is also getting rid of the older icons, as shown below.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

3) New Desktop UI:

Desktop UI in windows 11 sun valley has drastically changed right from round corners to the soft-toned taskbar, it also has new wallpaper.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

All of the icons also have round edges thatalso continues in taskbar.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

4) New Start Menu

A new start and signup UI is also deployed as a feature in Microsoft Windows 11, as we know Microsoft has modified their windows logo in their sun valley update, as you hit the start menu, a well-designed menu bar will appear with rounded edges all across the icons.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com
New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com
New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com
New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

In the latest update of windows, we will also have a more beautiful and subtle LoginMenu.

5) Changed File Explorer:

Microsoft fluid design style you will see this new iconography using rounder corners and simplify design across the settings app as you can see right here and as we drill through all the pages you will notice that all the icons have been changed with this new style.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

i’m just gonna go through some of the pages so you can see the new iconography these new icons are also available inside of the start menu as you can see on the left side and throughout other parts of the operating system.

across experience, you also find new colorful fluent design style icons for many of the built-in applications such as notepad paint navigator settings and others file explorer is also getting updated with new iconography

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

in several tweaks, the new icons are more colorful and they include design changes using the fluent design style for example you will notice a new orientation of the folder icons, and the default file type icons had been redesigned for better consistency

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

Microsoft has also even created new icons for the profile folders including for desktop documents downloads pictures and videos which now have a new style and colors that should help to make it easier to identify the folder lens.

As you can see right here even more Microsoft has created new icons for the default folders to indicate when a folder has content or not when a folder is empty the icon will look like this and if it has the content it will look like this other new icon that you will find on windows 11

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

a new icon for the MSI installers as you can see right here and for the recycle bin and there is also a new modern icon for the task manager application and other parts that you’re going to see these new icons are across the elements of file explorer.

for example, if we go to share we’re going to see a new share button and there is also forgot to mention that we have a new folder for compressed files for remote access and you also see new icons for other elements as you can see we get the new icon for extra small tile

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

If we go to the network section we’re going to see that that we have new icons for network elements and if we go to this pc we’re going to find new icons for the different drives in this new version of windows 11.

6) Newer Settings Menu

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

7) New Action Centre

Here are some of the pic of Windows Action Centre in Action, basically a new and dynamic action center is introduced by Microsoft in the new windows 11 sun valley edition.

New features of Windows 11 by techohealth.com

8) Windows Legacy Apps

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

9) Newer Gadgets

10) New Dynamic Wallpaper

11) New & Dynamic Adaptive Brightness control

In the display settings, you will now have the ability to disable content-adapted brightness control which is a feature that improves battery life by adjusting the contrast and brightness of the displays.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

based on the content shown on the screen however this feature can produce distracting brightness changes that can also decrease the image quality that may be something important.

when you need to show content with color accuracy as a result now there is an option to disable it.

12) Floating Taskbar

windows 11 features by techohealth.com
windows 11 features by techohealth.com

13) Separated Tab assist “Snap Assist”

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

14) Modern UI Battery Usage Timeliner

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

15) New Dashboard

windows 11 features by techohealth.com
windows 11 features by techohealth.com

16) News and Interest Feed-in Taskbar

windows 11 features by techohealth.com
windows 11 features by techohealth.com
windows 11 features by techohealth.com

17) Better Integration with Microsoft Azure for Cloud Storage

18) Advanced Storage & Disk Management

in this new version of Windows 11, you can also expect a new disk management tool instead of the storage settings page. which the company calls manage disks and volumes the operating system already includes a disk management tool.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

The new feature is built from the ground up with modern improvements and accessibility in mind and it also has better integration with the storage settings.

Many features like the legacy tool allow you to view all the drives connected to the computer and you can create resize format and change the drive letters for partitions on the page.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

The tool shows all the drives connected to the computer with basic information such as the disk number the media type whether if it is online or offline and the partitions inside of it.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

If you extend the drive which also includes many details about that specific partition including the file system the partition type the status and more if you select the drive you can access the property page to get additional information such as the name identification number model media type serial number and more.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

You also see the current status and the partition style if you have an NVME drive the new disk manager will also show the storage health monitor which is a feature that has been designed to detect and alert you of any possible problems with drive to give you enough time to backup the data before it’s too late.

As you can see right here and this is the toast notification that you will get if something is wrong with the storage within a drive you can select a partition but in this case let’s just go to this one and we can also click the Properties button to access another page where you can change the label and drive letter you can also resize the partition.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

You can add a new path for the volume and you can enable bit locker from this section also as long as it’s not assisting partition you can also delete the partition and format the partition with the label and a different file system.

19) Better Security Patch

A better and upgraded version of windows security manager has been implemented, and much more robust Firewall protection is also implemented in the latest update of Windows 11.

20) Windows 11 New Auto HDR

Microsoft is introducing the auto hdr for windows 10 to improve gaming experience the feature is available on settings.

System display on the windows hdr color settings you’re not going to see an option to enable use hdr which is available on devices already but when you enable that option.

windows 11 features by techohealth.com

You will see a new auto hdr toggle switch that when you enable it gains on a standard dynamic range or SDR will be converted into hdr automatically unlocking the brightness and bolder colors available on compatible displays that use this technology.

Windows 11 features

21) Deeper integration with bing

As we know Bing is the official search engine of Microsoft, hence they are trying to boost their presence by making Microsoft Edge their default browser.

22) Integration with Xbox games

Xbox had a long-term relationship with Microsoft, with the new Sun valley edition it will try to integrate mof=re often, for a better user experience.

23) Better and Clean Interface

Windows 11 features
Windows 11 features

24) Painfree automatic backup

In the latest windows 11, Microsoft also integrated a cloud storage system for auto backup purposes.

25) Dynamic Search Setup

Windows 11 features

26) Improved Dark Mode

Windows 11 features
Windows 11 features

27) A New Windows Store

Windows version will also bring a brand new windows store now this new windows store will bring a new more appealing UI but what will be more important is the new policies according to the folks at windows central.

Windows 11 features

There are three big changes coming to the new windows store first windows store will allow developers to submit unpackaged win32 apps to the store second developers will be able to host their apps on their own CDN and third developers will be able to use third-party commerce platforms and apps.

Windows 11 features

So what do these changes mean well this means the developer will be able to submit raw EXE or MSI packages to the store so we can expect traditional software to be available via the store.

Since apps can use their own CDN apps that have a built-in auto-update feature like chrome or firefox will have no issues third means the developer can use their own in-app revenue sources so they don’t have to give Microsoft a cut from their own pocket.

28) Graphic Setting for new Windows 11

The graphics settings page has been updated to allow you to select the default high-performance graphics processor when you have multiple GPUs once you configure the settings.

Windows 11 features

When an app requests a system for a high-performance video processor it will default to the GPU that you specified on this page also the page has been updated to allow you to pick a specific GPU on a per-application basis using this specific GPU option within an application.

Windows 11 features

Again remember, this feature is available only if you have more than one GPU.

29) New Camera Settings

Now find a new cameras page that includes the settings to add remove and disable and configure network cameras built-in cameras and external USB webcams.

Windows 11 features

So if you have a network camera installed on the network you can use this feature to scan it find it and install it if you connected a camera directly into the system or you have a built-in camera you can find it right here.

You can disable it using this option you can re-enable it and go into the configuration page depending on the camera you will see different settings that you can configure.

Windows 11 features

You can change the rotation of the camera you can control the brightness and contrast you have an option to reset all the settings in addition there are options to enable or disable video hdr and eye contact features but those settings will depend on the camera that you have and that’s a closer look at the camera settings that Microsoft is working for the next version of windows which it might be called Windows 11.

30) New Disk Usage Tool in windows 11

On Windows 11 or whatever the name Microsoft chooses for the next generation of windows, it will also include a new tool called disk usage which is a new file system tool that allows you to view and query drive space usage using command prompt.

New Disk Usage Tool in windows 11

With this utility you can analyze and determine which files and folders are taking the most space that can help you when you need to free up space on your computer the command tool can scan the entire drive or a specific folder with details about how much space each folder uses also it supports many filtering and output customization options.

New Disk Usage Tool in windows 11

31) New Powershell reset option in Windows 11

With Windows 11 you will also be able to reset universal windows platform apps using PowerShell commands this is in addition to the option to reset the apps from settings.

New Powershell reset option in Windows 11

For instance you could use this command to reset the calculator app the benefit of this option is to reset certain system components that are not available through the settings app for example the start menu the assembly version of windows would also bring an updated version of the windows system for Linux that streamlines the installation and updates process with a single command.

So now in order to install all the components to use the windows system for Linux, you only need to type the wsl install command, and as you can see all the components will download and install automatically on the computer in addition when using this particular command if you don’t specify a distribution of Linux it will automatically download and set up the ubuntu distro on your computer.

32) Linux GUI App support in Windows 11

The new version also brings support for installing Linux GUI applications as if they were natively installed on windows in other words you can now use your favorites Linux editors tools and applications on windows 11 without the need to switch devices or use a virtual machine solution.

Linux GUI App support in Windows 11

The new feature is meant for developing and test your applications on Linux but you can use this implementation for any situation the feature even includes support for speakers and microphones which means that if you install a media app peripherals will pass through and they will appear in the app.

Linux GUI App support in Windows 11

GPU accelerated 3d graphics is also supported to run any app that needs to do complex 3d rendering leveraging OpenGL when using this feature you don’t have to run an x server manually since the wsl automatically starts a new companion system distro which includes wetland x server pulse audio server and all the components required to run Linux GUI applications.

Linux GUI App support in Windows 11

So to install a Linux GUI application is the same as installing an application on your favorite distro like ubuntu the first thing you need to do is just to run the sudo-apt-get update to make sure that the updates are in order and then depending on the distribution you need to type the command to install a specific graphical application.

For example in this case I’m just going to install the g edit text editor with this command Sudo apt-get install g edit and the white option the white option is just to suppress all the prompts during the installation once the Linux GUI application has been installed it will register automatically with the start menu.

which means that you can launch the application by just typing the name on the console or you can launch the application through the start menu as you can see right here the experience using a graphical Linux app on windows 11 feels native but it’s not the app renders with all the Linux visual styles such as the frame menus and other elements and receiving a shadow around the frame and every window work independently.

So by then, we’re probably going to be seeing some really big improvements of this specific software so if you guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section below.

How to Download New Windows 11

To download the latest version of windows 11, simply visit Microsoft’s official website “Download Windows”, Here you will all updates on windows 11 installation process

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