Top 10 Working and Future of Augmented Reality 101 guide

The future of Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most futuristic and biggest growing technology at this time, in future Augmented Reality is going to get bigger as AR ready software and other devices become more accessible worldwide. Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of reality created using technology images, animations, information, or both into the environment. Virtual Reality is a form of the simulated environment created with computer technology.

“With the high penetration rate of smartphones… we hope to drive this [AR] forward with innovative features and functionalities synonymous with the Volkswagen brand to allow our customers to connect with us at a deeper level.”
Jamie Lee, General Manager of Marketing Communications at Volkswagen Group Singapore

Before understanding the working of AR, benefits of AR, and future of AR let us understand hat is the definition of augamented reality

Augmented Reality Definition:

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most futuristic and continuously growing and enhanced versions of virtual reality, augmented reality is created with the help of software technology to overlay any digital image such as animals, objects, animated characters, Animated characters on the image of the object can be viewed through devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.

Augmented Reality Definition
Augmented Reality Definition

What is Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented reality is an improved version of the real world physics through the use of visual elements, sound, and other sensory stimuli such as colors, animations. Augmented Reality (AR) is a rapidly growing trend especially among companies involved in mobile computing and business applications.

What is Augmented Reality
What is Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a virtual experience where developers augment parts of users’ physical worlds with computer-generated input. Designers create everything from sound to video, graphics to GPS overlays, and digital content that respond in real-time to changes in the user’s environment, typically movement.

Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to create virtual images and animations and represent it in real world.

What is Augmented Reality
What is Augmented Reality

Unlike Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR) is not a simulation of reality, instead of that, it integrates and adds value to the user’s interaction with the real world.

How Augmented Reality works?

Augmented Reality works on the principles of virtual image and animation processing through the vision of the real world. For understanding how augmented reality works let us understand it step by step First, computer vision understands what is in the world around the user by the content of the camera feed.

This allows it to show digital content relevant to what the user is watching. This digital content such as images, animations, projection, etc is then displayed in a realistic way so that it looks part of the real world this is called image rendering.

source youtube/ryankopinsky

Let’s understand how augmented reality works step by step:

  1. First of all Augmented Reality (AR) scans the area through a scanner currently, APPLE’s LiDAR scanner is in great demand for Augmented Reality demo, then it captures a part of the surrounding environment using a camera on your smartphone or any other smart device with a digital camera like apple’s iPad.
  2. After that, it captures the environment of your surroundings not only through a digital camera but also through laser-guided sensors, point trackers, and scanners.
  3. As soon as the trackers determine the points from the image it overlays additional content to the image and adds more information.
  4. once it recognizes the necessary additional information is added and displayed through the monitor or screen.
How Augmented Reality (AR) display digital content?
How Augmented Reality (AR) display digital content
How Augmented Reality (AR) display digital content

We need to define some logic in advance for each augmented reality experience. It specifies what digital content to trigger when something is recognized. In a live AR system, once received and recognized the module displays relevant content through the camera to the screen, the last step in the AR pipeline.

Future of Augmented Reality (AR):

Future of Augmented Reality in Business:

The increasing growth of Augmented Reality in business can be beneficial for many business owners, Augmented Reality can be used for making attractive, entertaining, futuristic advertisements, and commercials.

Future of Augmented Reality in Business

Traditional shopkeepers are nowhere to be seen these days. Online shopping has become a major trend among the people and they buy the product anytime from any place. AR can help businesses drive potential customers towards online shopping. Using this, customers can view their products in a highly realistic way in a comfortable environment.

Future of Augmented Reality in Business, marketers can share updated information about their respective products. This will list the product price, specifications, design, etc., and thus enhance the overall shopping experience of their customers. In the same way AR today is changing the way people shop.

Here are some important points of the Future of Augmented Reality in Business:

Future of Augmented Reality in product designing:

At each stage of product designing using augmented reality, it can help product designers to save a lots of time, helping them to implement technologies without any waste of time.

Future of Augmented Reality in product designing
Future of Augmented Reality in product designing

For example, if a product designer can imagine his needs in the real world to test whether it is possible to come to the next stage.

With the help of augmented reality, a product can be given a virtual digital life, which helps to visualize and understand each spatial content and the activity going on around and inside the product.

This can help to accelerate investment through investors, as different stakeholders can see the model that actually works and the benefits achieved. During the development stages of the product, it can streamline the process, especially when combined with other prototyping methods.

Future of Augmented Reality in 3D modeling:

One way of augmented reality in business is 3D modeling. It is often used during the design process for items such as homes and cars, product prototypes. Companies like Walmart and Chipotle use AR demos to educate and train their employees.

Future of Augmented Reality in 3D modeling
Future of Augmented Reality in 3D modeling

In 3D modeling technology, we use an artificial virtual image rather than a physical object, This gives them hands-on training experience without the risk of costly real-world mistakes.

For retail businesses, AR provides a way for customers to try products before purchasing. many companies like Lenskart use AR for demo glasses on their face, another company like Sephora uses their application that lets customers see how their makeup products will look on them, and another company like Wayfair uses AR to show customers what the furniture in their home will look like.

Future of Augmented Reality in Education:

Augmented reality could be beneficial in the field of education. Augmented reality in education can give students in the classroom a dynamic 3D models, animations, fun facts overlays, and a much better understanding of the subjects they are currently learning.

Future of Augmented Reality in Education
Future of Augmented Reality in Education

Visual learners would benefit from the visualization capabilities of AR that can bring concepts to life through digital visualization. Students can learn many new and interesting concepts with the help of STANFORD NEWS it is great for concept visualization.

Augmented Reality in education reflects aspects that enhance the learning of capabilities such as problem-solving, collaboration, and creation to better prepare students for the future. It is also good for traditional pedagogy focused on technical knowledge and competencies.

Future of Augmented Reality in Education
Future of Augmented Reality in Education

Hence, Augmented Reality in Education provides students with opportunities to deepen their knowledge and concepts within several areas, including:

  1. Reading skills.
  2. Working with numeric data.
  3. Space-related concepts
  4. Playing video games.
  5. Content creation
  6. Real-life environments & scenario.

Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare:

The market of the Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare is increasing day by day, due to the increase in the population healthcare industry is one of the most important industries around the world and due to this, it requires a lot of training and trial and error practices.

Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare
Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

In this situation, the Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare comes in high demand. Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare can help and improve doctor’s and surgeon’s ability to rectify the problem, treat, and perform surgery on their patients more accurately and precisely by giving them access to real-time data and patient information faster than ever before.

Another big thing in the Healthcare industry is Neuralink and the use of Augmented reality in neuralink is increasing day by day and has a look at the importance of Neuralink in Healthcare.

Neuralink in Healthcare
Neuralink in Healthcare copyright by

Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare can also bring huge value to training, practicing surgeries and medicine by allowing students and trainee physicians to better visualize health issues and real-life animated scenarios that they have to treat or cure one day.

The major advantage of using the Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare can bring drastic progress to the healthcare industry can be groundbreaking and we are just witnessing the beginning of the development phase of what is coming from Augmented Reality in the field of medicine.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare
Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Future of Augmented Reality in Medical visualization focuses on assisting and explaining complex medical conditions to students. Future of Augmented Reality in Medical Medical focuses on erasing the risks of an operation. Future of Augmented Reality in Medical is combined with X-rays and MRI can improve visualization for the surgeon in the same system. With augmented reality, operations have been relaxed because it is a third-dimensional view that has to be operated.

Here are 8 benefits of using Augmented Reality in Healthcare is important:

  1. Google Glass might help new mothers to feed their babies which are struggling with breastfeeding.
  2. Patients can describe their symptoms better through the use of augmented reality.
  3. Nurses can find veins and other important body parts easier with the help of augmented reality.
  4. Pharmaceutical companies can provide more improved, accurate, and innovative medicines.
  5. Augmented reality can assist trainee doctors and surgeons in the operations.
  6. Hololens can boost and clarify medical education and the study of human anatomy.
  7. Augmented reality can save lives by showing defibrillators nearby.
  8. Teaching students is extremely easy with the help of AR about the human body. 

Future of Augmented Reality in Navigation Systems:

In the current world, the population is a major issue and due to population there’s a great increase in traffic issues, and traffic issues come with navigational errors.

Future of Augmented Reality in Navigation Systems
Future of Augmented Reality in Navigation Systems

The need for navigation system is increase day by day, many companies like Sygic navigations is doing great work with their AR navigation technology. The AR feature improves the security of navigation apps by connecting the smartphone’s GPS with the AR that guides the smartphone’s GPS along the virtual path. It is available to all Android and iOS users.

True AR, introduced by Navion, is the first holographic AR navigation system for cars. The system develops as the environment around the car changes.

Future of Augmented Reality in Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence into machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The term can also be applied to any machine that exhibits symptoms associated with the human mind such as learning and problem-solving.

Why Artificial Intelligence is important
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In the upcoming years, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality will be more affordable, and many small businesses can start using it with their products. According to the data, you can see over 1 billion increased users in this field. Augmented Reality in Artificial Intelligence is a great technique and simply attracts many customers.

We Techohealth thinks AI is going to be the future of the world, and there are many reasons Artificial Intelligence is important, for more info have a look at Why Artificial Intelligence is important.

Future of Augmented Reality in Gaming industry:

The future of Augmented Reality in Gaming industry is larger than ever, driven by the growth of mobile gaming, and now makes up 26 percent of all media consumption hours. Even though today’s teenagers spend more time in gaming, they feel that it is not as important; Importance is now with children aged 25 to 34 years

Future of Augmented Reality in Gaming industry
Future of Augmented Reality in Gaming industry

Future of Augmented Reality in Gaming industry is a technology that shoots the essence of the game by capturing the real world of the present, going one step ahead of the VR game, and projects digital imagery and adds sound effects to it.

The future of Augmented Reality in Gaming is the integration of game visual and audio content with the user’s environment in real-time as opposed to virtual reality, which creates a completely artificial environment.

Augmented reality in the gaming industry uses the existing environment and creates a game area within it. Future of Augmented Reality games can be played on various devices such as android smartphones, tablets, ios devices like iPad, and portable gaming systems like Nintendo. It is an integration of digital information and overlay new information on top of it.

The future of Augmented Reality in Gaming industry provides an immense interactive experience of real world environment, where real world living objects are augmented in the form of virtual animation. This advanced technology is rapidly changing the way the gaming industry works and is contributing a lot to it.

Augmented Reality in Gaming
Augmented Reality in Gaming

Although everyone is now after the VR game, Pokémon Go’s Giant Niantic, Inc. Has hit that the future of video gaming is AR. The VR is able to immerse gamers in the game with a strap to counter the approach, but the gaming controls remain the same.

Indoor VR games still require motion control, which means that VR has not replaced any peripheral input device that already exists, and allows gamers to play VR games indoors or Need to be in a safe place.

One of the major factors contributing to the growth of the AR gaming market is the adoption of day-to-day operations globally such as augmented calling, meeting and telepresence devices.

Augmented reality in gaming innovations is designed to revive the way to maneuver globally integrated greet gaming experiences. The global augmented reality market is rich in gaming equipment manufacturing and design due to the increasing use of augmented reality to bring it closer to the real-life experience in gaming.

Augmented Reality in PokemonGO
Augmented Reality in PokemonGO

Ok, that’s enough for the sweet talks of the gaming industry, lets see about the real-life application of AR in gaming. Many games like PokémonGo is considered a successful AR application for gaming, this game uses the smartphone’s camera, gyroscope, clock, and GPS and enables a location-based augmented reality environment and creates amazing gaming experience.

Augmented Reality in PokemonGO uses a map of the current environment displayed on the screen and grass pliers indicate the presence of Pokémon, such as Pikachu and many another One tap of the touchscreen brings the capture display.

Augmented Reality in PokemonGO
Augmented Reality in PokemonGO

By far the most popular AR game is Pokémon Go which allows users to capture virtual Pokémon hidden in real-world maps. Augmented Reality in PokemonGO uses real locations to encourage players far and wide in the real world to search for Pokémon. The game enables players to find and catch more than a hundred species of Pokémon as they move into their surroundings. The app works on both mediums i.e. Android and iOS.

Key data points for Augmented Reality in PokemonGO is:

Total downloads so far – 650 million times
Percentage of iOS users who make in-app purchases – 80%
Daily Active Users Globally – 5 million
The estimated amount of income generated – $ 1 billion
Apple Store Ranking – 3stars
Google Play Ranking – 4 stars

Augmented Reality conclusion:

Augmented Reality conclusion
Augmented Reality conclusion

Currently Augmented Reality is under research and construction but the future of Augmented Reality is going to be great because of its amazing concept, for more amazing concept visit our latest futuristic blogs.

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