Which is Best? Google Cloud vs AWS (in-depth comparison)

Google cloud platform and Amazon AWS are considered to be one of the best cloud service providers in the world, but which is the best? Let’s have an in-depth comparison between Google Cloud vs AWS

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.” – Steve Jobs, late chairman of Apple (1997)

What is Cloud Computing and it works?

In simple words Cloud Computing is the combination of many services which includes cloud storage, database management, analytics, networking, software, and service maintainance.

Cloud Computing is an “On Demand” technical/I.T solution that works over the internet, which works on a pay as you go ideology. Specifically, we can say it is the availability of computer system resources that includes cloud storage (data storage), and many other computing services, maintenance of data center,s and much more.

In other simple words, Cloud Computing is the easy access to computer services offered by the company, which mainly includes cloud storage, which is a virtual database that can be accessible all over the internet.

Cloud Storage is the versatile/mobile online storage medium which is faster as compared to other shared database or hosting. the main use of cloud storage is to provide a versatile database.

Generally, cloud computing is used by huge companies large companies whose website traffic is in millions like any social media website.

Why we need cloud storage/cloud computing/cloud database?

Let’s think that you developed a social media app, so what’s next you have to host your app on server, right?

Yes, it’s true but buying and hosting your product on the server is not enough, there are tons of things that come in-between like management of the database, security, Networking, data recovery, and much more.

Google Cloud vs AWS by techohealth.com

This type of tasks is not easy for a non-Technical person for managing huge websites, web-apps and other services, So technically it’s better to give this complex task to the skilled person and he company who is specialalised in their field like google and amazon.

What is Google Cloud:

Google Cloud is one of the leading companies which provide cloud computing solutions, which mainly includes cloud computing data centers. Google has it’s cloud computing data centers all over the world, which can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere in the world.

Google’s cloud computing Data centers are considered to be one of the fastest and safest option to provide cloud storage and other cloud facilities.

These Data Centers also powers and supports google products like google search engine, google mail (Gmail), google photos and much more.

Google cloud engine works on machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, data analytic, and other complex algorithms like high-end computing that integrates with your product or services and provides you the best and optimal results.

Google Cloud provides 7 services:

Google Cloud vs AWS by techohealth.com
  1. compute
  2. management
  3. networking
  4. storage/database
  5. big data
  6. security
  7. machine learning/A.I

1)Compute: As the name suggests this product helps you to enter or deploy your website, code, software, application to the cloud. just take an example of an app engine that is to deploy an e-commerce site.

So it requires lots of computing power to handle multiple users, orders, customer care, this can be handled by google cloud easily and quite smoothly by the use of its highly efficient computing cloud systems.

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS by techohealth.com
systems under compute

2)Management: This Field deals with management related work, like monitoring tasks and their issues and debugging them, and much more related to maintenance.

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS by techohealth.com

3)Networking: Networking is related to maintaining a stable and smooth network series like maintaining google cloud load balancing (handling a huge amount of traffic).

It also maintains Google cloud CDN (content delivery network) and also manages Google Cloud DNS (domain name system).

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS by techohealth.com

Networking in google cloud also keeps an eye on Firewall rules, and also helps interconnecting google cloud services and systems to each other.

And the last application of networking in google cloud is managing VPN (virtual private network) all over the world.

4)Storage/Database: This is one of the major work that google cloud offers and that is their specialized cloud storage, which is fast, secure, and can be accessed in any part of the world with the same speed*

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS by techohealth.com

This controls all the storage-related works like managing databases, and cloud storage, cloud spanner, and cloud BigTable.

5)Big Data: As the name suggest big data manages huge amount of data transfer, either for google search queries, cloud data-flow (huge transfer of data from cloud storage as per required) and much more.

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS by techohealth.com

6)Security: It is one of the major factor for choosing google cloud over amazon web services AWS, we will discuss later in the upcoming comparison about the six level of google database security, but for now we will talk about basic cloud security provided by google cloud.

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS by techohealth.com

Google Cloud Services packs many important security functions such as data loss protection, KMS (key management services), identity-aware proxy, cloud IAM and much more.

7)Machine Learning: Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending technologies in today’s world, Google Cloud is using ML and A.I to manage their cloud systems, overall it also helps in security, data management, handling big data, and much more due to their advance a.i and m.l system integrations.

difference between google cloud platform and amazon AWS

What is Google Cloud Console and How google cloud console works?

We can say Google cloud console is a tool used to manage your google cloud account, and related services. its a all in one tool that helps you to manage your google cloud account with much more clear manner or we can say in a cleaner and simple way.

What is AWS (amazon web services):

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an on-demand cloud computing service that provides many cloud computing solutions. As by the name the service is owned by amazon.com, it’s a pay-as-per-use cloud computing service providers. AWS is considered one of the best cloud computing services in the market.

Amazon AWS provides high performing on-demand cloud storage with the facilities of scalability, flexibility, and high-end security by amazon. AWS relies on pay-as-you-go metered services, it’s a secure cloud service platform that provides services like.

  1. Apk Management (mobile)
  2. Email
  3. Networking
  4. Cloud Storage
  5. Remote Controlling
  6. Server Management
  7. Security
google cloud platform vs amazon AWS
services provided by amazon AWS

1)APK Management: Amazon web services are quite famous for their mobile APK (android application) management since from the very beginning amazon web services are dominating the application management sector, and it’s still considered to be the best cloud platform for app management.

2)Email: Email marketing is one of the major aspect of marketing for any company and managing email is another big thing because it’s tedious and time and resource consuming, so the simple solution to that is AWS.

3)Networking: As we discussed earlier the importance of networking, so it’s applicable in AWS too.

4)Cloud Storage: AWS is renowned for it’s secure and robust cloud storage facility, that works overseas at any time and anywhere.

5)Remote Controlling: Remote controlling is one of the speciality of AWS ie to gain access or control any activity from a distant place.

Consider you are on a vacation and, you want to change the price of you product on your e-commerce site, so it woult be extremely tedious task if you are not using the advantages of cloud computing.

6)Server Management: AWS provides it’s customers an automated server management facility.

7)Security: Amazon web services are well known for their secure cloud computing services, so there’s no doubt of getting hacked or spammed.

Comparison between Google Cloud vs AWS

Comparison between Google Cloud vs AWS

1) Google Cloud vs AWS pricing:

Amazon AWS charges per hour and Google cloud charges per minute

For calculating google cloud pricing google has provided their own pricing calculator from which you can easily calculate your cloud pricing from here cloud.google.com/products/calculator

Google Cloud vs AWS pricing
demo for google cloud pricing source cloud.google.com

While Amazon AWS relies on Pay-as-you-go or we can say on-demand pricing, basically it simply means the more you use the more you pay and vise-a-versa.

To check the pricing of AWS you can visit aws.amazon.com/pricing

Here’s a demo provided by amazon on their blog Amazon Lightsail – The Power of AWS

2) Google Cloud vs AWS Storage:

Google Cloud PlatformAmazon AWS
Storage Size1 GB to 64 TB1 GB to 16 TB
4GB to 16 TB Provisioned IOPS
SSD pricing

Google cloud vs AWS storage services:

Google Cloud PlatformAmazon AWS
1) Google Cloud Storage
2) Google Persistent Disk
3) Google Transfer Appliance
4) Google Transfer Service
1) AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)
2) AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
3) AWS Elastic File System (EFS)
4) AWS Storage Gateway
5) AWS Snowball
6) AWS Snowball Edge
7) AWS Snowmobile

Google cloud vs AWS Backup Services

Google Cloud PlatformAmazon AWS
1) GCP Nearline (frequently accessed data)
2) GCP Coldline (infrequently accessed data)

AWS Glacier

3) Google Cloud vs AWS Networking:

To interconnect the data-centers all over the globe both companies uses different networks, like

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Amazon Web Services (AWS)
NetworkingGCP Cloud Virtual NetworkAWS Virtual Network (VNET)
Load BalancingCloud Load BalancingElastic Load Balancing
CDNGoogle Cloud CDNAmazon CloudFront
DNSCloud DNSAmazon Route 53
InterconnectionCloud Hybrid ConnectivityAWS Direct Connect

Networking is very much important for any small or large business because the user can be from any place and can access your platform anytime from anywhere in the world, for that cloud hosting is considered to be the best, why? because cloud services integrate all their servers ad databases to their cloud platform.

In the cloud service industry, there are only two giants Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Amazon Web Services (AWS), these two companies provide top-notch cloud computing solutions, this is compared through network latency.

What is network latency? its just considered as the time taken for any data/information to reach to required destination/user

Google Cloud vs AWS Networking

Just imagine you are a consumer and want to buy a perfume from xyz.com, if the product loads slowly in your device then most probably you will shift to another website, so in this network, latency is important for any company, that their online platform should work smoothly all over the internet without any delay.

Here are some of the demo NL of the google cloud platform and amazon web services that can be calculated from cloudharmony.com-speedtest-for-google:compute for GCP and cloudharmony.com-speedtest-for-aws:ec2 for AWS.

GCP (us-central1-c)71 ms378 ms
GCP (us-east4-a)74 ms115 ms
GCP (asia-east1-b)152 ms202 ms
GCP (us-west1-b)50 ms65 ms
GCP (northamerica-northeast1-a)90 ms125 ms
AWS EC2 (us-west-2)101 ms222 ms
AWS EC2 (eu-central-1)313 ms382 ms
AWS EC2 (ap-northeast-1)151 ms527 ms
AWS EC2 (ap-southeast-2)195 ms614 ms
AWS EC2 (eu-west-3)315 ms407 ms
AWS EC2 (ap-northeast-2)309 ms579 ms

From the above comparison of Network Latency from different parts of the world, we can conclude that Google Cloud Platform is better in terms of providing a good amount of QUALITY network speed as compared to AWS.

DISCLAIMER:- we are not judging any company’s quality service, we are using a third party website to calculate any service network latency, we (Techohealth.com) are not responsible for any loss or customer/profit declination.

4) Google Cloud vs AWS Data Center Locations:

A Data Center is one of the major aspect of providing fast and quality service all over the world. generally asumed that large amount of data centers is equivalent to good quality of speed an network quality, but sometimes it’s not true at all.

Google Cloud vs AWS Data Center Locations

Many times less number of data-centers also provide good quality services, In cloud computing industry many companies provides vast amount of data-centers all over the world.

Currently, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services are providing a good amount of data centers all across seas.

Google Cloud Platform Data-center Location

  • Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA  (us-central-1)
  • St. Ghislain, Belgium (Europe-west-1)
  • Changhua County, Taiwan (Asia-east-1)
  • Sydney, Australia (Australia-southeast-1)
  • The Dalles, Oregon, USA (us-west-1)
  • Ashburn, Virginia, USA (us-east-4)
  • Montréal (north America-northeast-1)
  • Netherlands (Europe-west–4)
  • Hamina, Finland (Europe-north-1)
  • Los Angeles, California (us-west-2)
  • Hong Kong (Asia-east-2)
  • Zürich, Switzerland (Europe-west-6)
  • Osaka, Japan (Asia-northeast-2)
  • Seoul, South Korea (Asia-northeast-3)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (us-west-4)
  • Moncks Corner, South Carolina, USA (us-east-1)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (South-America-east-1)
  • London, UK (Europe-west-2)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Europe-west-3)
  • Jurong West, Singapore (Asia-southeast-1)
  • Tokyo, Japan (Asia-northeast-1)
  • Mumbai, India (Asia-south-1)

Amazon Web Services Data-center Location

  • N. Virginia (6),
  • Ohio (3),
  • N. California (3),
  • Oregon (3), USA
  • Mumbai (2),
  • Seoul (2),
  • Ireland (3),
  • London (2)
  • São Paulo (3), South America
  • AWS GovCloud (US-West), USA
  • Singapore (2),
  • Sydney (3),
  • Tokyo (3),
  • Central (2), Canada
  • Beijing (2), China
  • Frankfurt (3),

5) Google Cloud vs AWS Compute services:

Compute is one of the major contributor to handle virtual machines of many services.

Google Cloud uses KVM compute, and AWS uses Xen.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Amazon Web Services (AWS)
1) App Engine
2) GCE Docker Container Registry
3) GCE Instant Groups
4) Compute Engine
5) GCE Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
6) GCE Knative
7) GCE Kubernetes
8) GCE Functions
1) AWS Lambda
2) Amazon EC2
3) Amazon EC2 Auto-Scaling
4) Amazon Elastic Container Registry
5) Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
6) AWS Batch
7) AWS Serverless Application Repository
8) VMware Cloud for AWS
9) Amazon Lightsail
10) AWS Fargate
11)AWS Beanstalk
12) AWS Outposts
13) Elastic Load Balancing

6) Google Cloud vs AWS Billing:

Both Amazon and google cloud have introduced their own billing calculators and non of them is clearly telling you their computing and storage plant unless and until you are quite familiar with the platform.

Google Cloud vs AWS Billing

So we are suggesting you visit their billing calculators: AWS simple monthly calculator & Google Cloud Platform pricing calculator.

Both of them are using pay per second billing techniques which means PAY-AS-YOU-GO.

Extending per second billing in Google Cloud & AWS Per-Second Billing for EC2

But hold on we just found a rough data that on comparing the annual plan Google Cloud vs AWS for 1 year, we come to know that the total cost of GCP is 25% less than of AWS, sounds interesting right? wait hold on. On comparing 3 years plans we got to know that again GCP costs 35% less than AWS.

So by far these comparisons we can definitely say that “Google Cloud Platform is cheaper than Amazon AWS”

7) Google Cloud vs AWS Uptime and Customer Support:

Basically, uptime is the proof of good quality service, it’s a numerical value that shows for how long the website is live (working condition) on the internet, it’s just the opposite of downtime.

Google Cloud vs AWS Customer Support

Both companies provide amazing customer support and also have good uptime policies, you can visit for more info.

Customer support of both platforms is quite fast and detailed, but if you want instant customer support or any help from a personal assistant then both companies charge more for that.

Google Cloud Platform Customer support:

GCP charges around $155/month for silver tier & charges $410/month for gold tier

For more detailed info visit Google Cloud Support plans

Amazon Web Services Customer support:

AWS Charges around $29/month for developer plan & charges $100/month for Business plan which is cheaper as compared to GCP.

For more detailed info visit AWS Support Plan Pricing

8) Google Cloud vs AWS Security:

In today’s world DATA is one of the most expensive and important assets, and protecting the data is another big thing, so it’s better to give you data to renowned and reputed hands here comes the top most secured data providers and that is Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, etc.

According to a survey conducted by Clutch.co cloud security is the most favorable way to secure data, and people are more likely to rely on cloud security as compared to any other storage medium.

Google Cloud vs AWS Security

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Google Cloud Platform used 6 layers of security encryption to their datacenters, which can be explained better by the given video below.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Similarly AWS has it’s own security standards, which can be easily understood from their youtube channel, as given below. AWS also provides certain courses regarding to AWS security.

9) Google Cloud vs AWS market share:

Market Share contributes to greater valuation of company Since AWS is from 11 years and GCP is from 6 years in the cloud computing platform, so technically AWS has greater market share as compared to GCP.

Google Cloud vs AWS market share

According to many surveys of 2020, almost 43% of the global cloud market share is dominated by private companies like Amazon (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Microsoft Azure.

In this rat race, Amazon AWS is dominating the cloud market share with 34% of the total market share because it is in the field of cloud services for more than 11 years and had a whopping revenue of $21billion (American dollars).

Microsoft Azure comes in second place with a market share of almost 21% and then comes the newest player in cloud computing with a total market share of 13% and that is Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

But Google cloud is constantly increasing its cloud market share with the help of emerging new technologies and also dominating the search engine sector, Google also has previous success from Kubernetes (container orchestration), TensorFlow (machine learning), Go (programming language).

Here are some of the newest members of Google family,

  • MongoDB (database)
  • Neo4j (graph database)
  • Redis Labs (in-memory database)
  • Confluent (real-time streams)
  • DataStax (distributed database)
  • Elastic (data and analytics)
  • InfluxData (real-time data)

10) Google Cloud vs AWS Cloud Revenue:

Google Cloud vs AWS Cloud Revenue
source srgresearch.com

According to Srgresearch.com 33% of the cloud market is occupied by Amazon AWS, and followed by Microsoft with cloud market evaluation of 16% and then by Google Cloud services by 8%, and then followed by Alibaba, Tencent, etc.

But here’s a twist both of them (GCP & AWS) have almost the same annual revenue as AWS (8.4Billion dollars) & GCP (8Billion dollars), so we can say the annual revenue of both services are same.

11) Google Cloud vs AWS A.I/M.L:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are one of the key features of drastic development of many cloud platforms and services, many companies uses machine learning for smooth and rapid integration of their systems.

A.I helps in many new aspects in the systems such as error detection & management, strengthening security and much more. Both Google cloud Platform and Amazon AWS have integrated their systems with A.I &M.L lets see how and why?

Google Cloud vs AWS A.I/M.L

Amazon AWS:

Amazon has it’s own A.I Integrated a service known as ” Amazon SageMaker ” the company claims to be The most comprehensive ML service, which can be used by data scientists to build multiple tools and services that can be powered by M.L (machine learning).

But compared to Google Cloud Platform AWS has less offering services in terms of A.I.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

Google cloud used it’s own A.I application accelerator is known as TPU (Tensor processing unit), which is specifically developed by Google that works on neural networks and machine learning integration, that works on their own TensorFlow software.

Tensorflow is an open-source software library on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, that works with the help of Deep Learning, Neural networks, and other complex algorithms.

Want to know more about A.I in business? checkout “18 FUTURE SCOPE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN BUSINESS

12) Google Cloud vs AWS Cashing:

Cashing is generally used to make a website a little bit fast, by increasing SEO scores and thus helps to boost your performance and thereby increasing Profit. For more info about What is Website Caching and Why is it so Important?

Google Cloud vs AWS Cashing
Cloud CDN
Elastic Cache

For more info, visit Amazon ElastiCache & Google Cloud CDN.

13) Google Cloud vs AWS Database Services:

A Database is a collection of data (information) that can be stored in a organised way for further use. Both companies uses their own specifically designed database systems and provide amazing database services.

Google Cloud vs AWS Database Services
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)Amazon Web Services (AWS)
1) Cloud Spanner
2) Cloud Datastore
3) Cloud SQL
4) Cloud Bigtable
1) Aurora
2) RDS
3) DynamoDB
4) ElastiCache
5) Redshift
6) Neptune
7) Database Migration Service

14) PROs & CONs of GCP (Google Cloud Platform)


  1. Reasonable Pricing
  2. High durability
  3. Easy to integrate with other Google Cloud Services
  4. Multiple data-centers to store data.
  5. Excellent Documentation.
  6. Different storage classes for each usability
  7. High end Security.


  1. Huge support fees
  2. Expensive downloading charges
  3. The pricing Scheme is complex

15) PROs & CONs of AWS (Amazon Web Services)


  1. Easy to use
  2. High speed and Agility
  3. Top-notch Security
  4. No capacity limits


  1. High technical support fees
  2. Limitations due to Amazon EC2
  3. General cloud Computing Issue
  4. Cloud computing glitches
  5. Data Mining 
  6. Intellectual property protection
  7. Data Mining

16) Google Cloud vs AWS Strengths comparison:

Comparing the strengths simply means comparing what are the specialties of each of the platforms provide to the consumer.

Strengths of AWS:

  1. Larger market share
  2. Huge dominance in the cloud market
  3. A huge number of products and services
  4. Wide range of infrastructure applications
  5. High Flexibility
  6. Good support for small and larger businesses
  7. High security
  8. Lots of options for Scalability
  9. Cost-effective pricing infrastructure

Strengths of Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  1. Amazing integration with other Google and Google cloud services.
  2. Dynamic Data analytics and Data management.
  3. Robust Data Storage facilities
  4. Top-notch 6-Layer Security services.
  5. Upcoming Cloud Giant, so higher chances of Scalability
  6. Open source integration
  7. Best for cloud-native businesses
  8. Dynamic Google Container
  9. Integrated with the latest Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence framework
  10. Greater support from other Google services.

17) Google Cloud vs AWS Features Comparison:

Features of AWS:

  1. Reasonable cost as compared to other cloud services.
  2. Centralized billing services
  3. Better customer service
  4. Easy deployment of application/website/service all over the world, with just a few clicks.
  5. A large number of other services that support your business.
  6. Great Scalability

Features of Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

  1. Easy to understand U.I and supporting services.
  2. As we know Google is an internet giant, so similarly you will get broader network access.
  3. Elasticity in deploying multiple things.
  4. Availability of on-demand services.
  5. Great support from other Google services.
  6. 6-Layer Security.
  7. Extremely faster cloud services as compared to other services.

Why Google Cloud is better than AWS

Currently, Google is still in the development stage of their cloud services, but the improvement they have made in the past few years is exceptional, the continuous improvement in quality services gets an edge over AWS.

The major advantage is that Google is one of the top internet dominating company in the world, which has the greatest search engine, user base and popularity. Google is considered one of the most promising brands in the world.

So technically it’s better to have friendship with the rising and dominating internet mogul!

And google dominates in some of the fields which are mentioned below!

Conclusion:- Google Cloud vs AWS (which is better Google Cloud or Amazon AWS?)

which is better Google Cloud or Amazon AWS?

To be clear we are not judging any company and their services, so we are giving this job up to you, butttt we tried our best to make an somewhat detailed comparison between Google Cloud Platform and Amazon AWS.

So far we have concluded that you can choose anyone of them that’s up to you!

But we can help you, if you want speed and versatility you can choose GCP, and if you want a variety of services and quality you can choose AWS.

Google cloud is better known for it’s easy user interface and cost efficient, AWS is little bit expensive but provides much more reliability and better support.

In the end both of them are amazing cloud service providers, so you can choose either of them.

Hope you like our work.

Be positive, Be safe -kunal salekar

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