How to make a Drone at home(step by step)

A drone is a combination of electronics and computer science, but How to Make a Drone? to make a drone you will require some sorts of electronic components and electric components that we will discuss in this blog, and the major part of making a drone is an assembly of the components and to make a complete drone

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize in positive ways to help society.

-Bill Gates

What is a drone?

According to science flightless vehicles are also known as drones. Basically, a drone is an “unmanned flying vehicle” that we refer to as a drone.

Basically a drone is totally controlled remotely by a human or AI system. Its a mechanical device that is able to fly and can be operated remotely.

How to make a Drone at home

Drones have the capability to lift weights due to which it is mostly used in photography and security currently. In future drones can be used in transportation purposes.

How Drone works?

The working of a drone depends on its functionality, Basically, we are just trying to understand that how drones fly.

flying mechanism of drone
flying mechanism of drone

As we can see in this image the propellers are slightly tilted towards specific angle. these are because the outside part of the propeller is small aas compared to the middle.

This is because the outerside of the propeller is spins faster as compared to the inner side of the propeller. this is how the thrust is created.

And the upward force is created because of the angular force exerted by the fins of the propeller, which has been aligned in a specific direction.

Concept Behind drone

The major idea behind a drone is to make a semi-flying object which has the capabilities of hovering.

The main concern of a drone is to stay stable in air for a long time, just luke humming birds.

How to make a Drone

Currently drones are extremely popular during tech enthusiastics, and also popular in photographers for creating awsome content. currently drones are greatly used in cinematography.

Drones are mounted with cameras like go pro.

What are the Types of Drones:

  • 1. Single-Rotor Drones
  • 2. Multi-Rotor Drones
  • 3. Fixed-Wing Drones
  • 4. Fixed-Wing Hybrid Drones
  • 5. Small Drones
  • 6. Micro Drones
  • 7. Tactical Drones
  • 8. Reconnaissance Drones
  • 9. Large Combat Drones
  • 10. Non-Combat Large Drones
  • 11. Target and Decoy Drones
  • 12. GPS Drones
  • 13. Photography Drones
  • 14. Racing Drones

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How to make a Drone from scratch
How to make a Drone at home

Components required to make a Drone:

Just think drone like a car, it has all the almost similar components as compared to DRONE just a little-bit different.

So according to my study these are the components required to make a drone

  1. Drone Frame
  2. Electric Motors
  3. Electronic Speed Controller
  4. Flight Controller (flight computer)
  5. Propellers
  6. Batteries and capacitor (power supply unit)
  7. Antenna
  8. Receiver
  9. GPS module
  10. Video transmitter
  11. Camer
  12. Connecting wires and pins
  13. Mounting Board
  14. Miscellaneous

Components to make a drone step by step and their meanings

1) Drone Frame (4-legs, 4-hands):

A drone frame is the main supporting part of a drone, not only it supports the important parts of the drone like motors and processors but also it provides extra protection the framework.

A drone frame consist of 4 legs and 4 hands which are made from pvc, plastic, metal or also through 3-printing

How to make a Drone step by step
How to make a Drone at home

There are many ways to make drone fame like through cardboard, plastic, metal wires and metal sheets, and many more.

Always remember that the body frame of a drone should be lighter as compared to other components, and also it should be tougher as it supports the whole drone.

2) Electric Motors:

Electric Brushless motors are one of the major components of a drone, the speed and flying strength of a drone is depend on in it’s electric motors.

electric brushless motors for drone

In drones we mostly electric brushless motors, in drones we use fast motors for smaller types of drones, and slightly slower types of motors for larger types of drones.

how to make a drone motor

According to our experience 1900kv electric motor is the best fit for any type of drone.

These are some of the highly rated and quality motors on amazon.

electric motor for drone
Generic Brushless 750KV Disk Motor high Thrust with Mount for Hexacopter Quad Multi Copter Aircraft 
electric motors
Techleads A2212 1800 Kv Bldc Brushless Dc Motor For Quadcopter Multicopter Rc Plane (4 Pcs Combo)
how to make drone motors
Techleads A2212 1000Kv Brushless Motor And 30A Esc Electric Speed Controller 

3) Electronic Speed Controller (esc):

As the name suggests it’s a speed controller that limits the amount of electricity passing through the motors and other components.

How to make a Drone at home

As the electronic speed controller has a continuous speed current, in this image we can see its 18A. there are also many high rating speed controllers like 19A-30A. But for medium uses we basically use 18a electronic speed controller.

speed controller to make a drone
electronic speed controller for drone

An electronic speed control (ESC) is an electronic circuit that controls and regulates and limits the speed of an electric brushless motor. It also provides reversing of electric motor and also provides dynamic braking. Miniature electronic speed controls are used in electrically powered radio-controlled models.

How to make a Drone at home step by step

4) Flight controller (flight computer):

A flight controller is considered as the brain of the drone, which controls all the mechanism from receiving data from receiver to controlling the electric motors.

How to make a Drone at home step by step

A flight controller plays a major role in balancing the flights of a drone. When a drone flies high into the sky, due to an unbalanced center of gravity, it gradually loses its control in this a flight controller or flight computer plays an important role.

How to make a Drone at home step by step
flight controller with receiver

A flight controller consists of a receiver which is connected to the antenna and the receiver is connected to the flight computer mechanism.

How to make a Drone step by step
premium flight controller

The main job of flight controller is to transmit signals from radio receiver to the main board controller. And then the flight computer converts those signals to electronic speed controllers

5) Propellers:

The size of the propeller depends on the size of the drone, small drones require smaller and lighter types of propellers.

While bigger drones required larger propellers.

How to make a Drone from scratch

Propellers are specially classified into pitches and size in inches. In a drone, there are two types of propellers left-hand and right-hand.

Remember for a drone you will require two right-hand propellers and two left-hand propellers for counter forces.

here are some of the recommended propellers for drone

6) Batteries and capacitors (power supply unit)

Batteries are the second most important thing in drone making. It is also littlebit expensive part of a drone.

The size of a battery depends on the size and capacity of a drone, a smaller version of drones can run on Li-ion (lithium ion) and for much powerful types of drones requires Li-Po (lithium polymer) batteries.

How to make a Drone at home step by step
battery sizes to make a drone
How to make a Drone at home step by step
Li-Po (lithium polymer)

These are our recommended li-po batteries

lipo battery to make a drone
lipo battery used to make a drone
3.7 V 600 mAh 25C LiPo Rechargable Battery for Drone , RC Helicopter,
li po battery to make a drone
batteries for drone
12V 4000 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack For Quadcopter Helicopter Drones 
drone batteries
3.7V 1000 mah Actual capcity lipo Li ion Rechargeable Battery Lithium ion Polymer Cell

7) Drone Antenna:

An Antenna in a drone is just uded to send signals from remote controler to the receiver of the drone.

Sometimes drones also use small antennas, because to receive signal from RC(remote controller).

How to make a Drone

8) Drone Receiver:

A drone’s receiver comes in-between the antenna and flight controller. yes its a middle component in between an antenna and a flight-controller.

drone receiver

A Drone receiver just collects signals with the help of antenna, that has been emitted by RC(remote controller).

9)GPS module:

GPS module in drone comes under the security systems, the main objective of GPS is to locate the position of the drone during flight or in case lost.

drone gps

Whenever someone stoles your drone, GPS is the only way to track your drone position and location.

10)Video transmitter:

A video transmitter is just a transmitting device or a Receiver to retrieve flight info of your drone on your computer your Radio control. To get transmitter range.

Components required to make a Drone:

You can buy video transmitter from

11) camera:

Same as video transmitter, camera for drone is not that necessary, but if you are using the drone for videography and cinematography for taking amazing shots through drones.

Then you should definitely consider a camera or a camera module.

drone camera
camera with antenna and receiver

A camera in a drone can be remotely controlled and can be connected to the wifi module to send live video on your display. camera prices increase as the resolution and stability of camera quality increases.

Here are some of the handpicked affordable camera for drones.

12) Connecting wires and pins:

They are just equally important as of other components used to how to make drone.

Make sure you don’t forget the wiring because making some of those can waste your time.

13)Mounting board:

A mounting board of a drone is just a sheet of plastic or cardboard or pvc or metal on which your major components of drone are going to mount.

It also joins the hands and the legs of the the drone.


This is the section where all the

Steps to make a Drone:

Before we understand how to make a drone let us know what are the steps to make a drone.

  1. Choosing the type of drone
  2. Listing the material required to make a drone
  3. Purchasing the materials to make a drone
  4. Draw a rough sketch and note the accurate measurements of a drone
  5. Start by making a frame of a drone
  6. Then attach motors to the drone frame
  7. Then install speed controller
  8. Then install mounting board
  9. On mounting board install flight controller
  10. Configure the flight controller
  11. Attach transmitter and receiver
  12. Attach battery
  13. Attach propellers
  14. Configure remote controller

So these are the steps to make a drone, by following this we are going to understand how to make a drone step by step.

How to make a Drone step by step:

There are many steps involved in how to make a drone from scratch, we are just simplifying all the steps in it.

1) Choosing the type of drone

There are many types of drones that are possible to make, but choosing the right type is important.

There are many types of drone-like quadcopter, hexacopter, tri-copter, but in these, we are going to learn about how to make a quadcopter.

types of drone
types of drones source

A Quadcopter is a four-handed drone, which has four rotating motor arms and legs according to design.

Basically why we are making quadcopter its just because, it,s design is quite easy and stability of quadcopter is higher as compared to other.

For more information visit Types Of Drones: A Beginner’s Guide To Drone Models

2) Listing the material required to make a drone:

Its just as usual as making a shopping list, on what are the components required to make a drone?

For that you just have to buy the components mentioned above our content, but here we are also discussing about the quantity of drone.

4-electric brushless motors, 4-electronic speed controllers, 1-flight controller, 1-mounting board, 4-drone hands, 4-drone legs, 1-battery(as per requirements), 1- antenna and receiver, etc.

3) Purchasing the materials to make a drone:

There are plenty of websites from where you can buy your components for drone. Like amazon, ebay,, and many more.

Just make sure you are buying from an authentic website and also from an authentic dealer. In this course, we also provided links to the best and cheapest products from amazon.

The specalized Drone setup is mentioned in below.

4) Draw a rough sketch and note the accurate measurements of a drone:

This step is not that much necessary, but if you are a newbie in this field you must considering a rough sketch of your drone and also jot-it down the exact measurements of your drone.

Components required to make a Drone:

This method will cost you extra minutes but believe me guys it will definitely make your task much easier and reduce a significant amount of errors and problems caused while making a drone at home step by step.

5) Start by making a frame of a drone:

There are many materials from which you can make a drone frame, like aluminum, PVC, Cardboard, plastic sheets, or other light metal that can be used.

Make sure that all the arms, legs, and other components should be accurate in length and weight, and also it should be symmetrical.

Components required to make a Drone:
Aluminium drone frame

A strong and sturdy drone frame can be benefit in protecting the frame of drone. so it is advisable to spend little bit of extra money on making a good frame for a drone.

These are some of the shortlisted best drone frames around the market

6) Then attach motors to the drone frame:

Just after making the frame attach the brushless motors to the drone.

Components required to make a Drone:

Attach the motors with nut and bolt (screws) to the frame of a drone and make sure the clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the motors.

Components required to make a Drone:

Make sure the motors are attached firmly to drone’s body.

7) Then install speed controller

After joining the motor to the drone’s frame, then join the electronic speed controller to drone hands with the help of a ziplock.

steps to make a drone

If you don’t have a ziplock use ducktape, or cellotape or any other crafting tape to attatch to drone’s hands.

steps to make a drone

After that connect the motor cables to ESC cables, manually or as per guidebook.

8) Then install mounting board:

As we know a mounting board is on which the flight controller is installed, it can be easily made with the help of plastic sheets.

steps to make a drone

Make sure it should firmly attatched to the body-frame of the drone.

steps to make a drone

We have also created a special blog on How to make a Robot step by step

9) On mounting board install flight controller:

A drone’s flight controller is considered as the brain of the drone.

It controls all the activities of the drone, direction, tilting, altitudes and many more.

steps to make a drone
steps to make a drone at home

Mount your flight controller or flight computer above the mounting board, and you can also mount camera module on the mounting board.

Make sure that you mount firmly your flight-controllen on the mounting board.

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10) Configure the flight controller

It’s not that difficult as it sounds, basically you just have to configure the flight controller to Quadcopter mode, in settings menu.

steps to make a drone at home

Also don’t forget to connect the flight controller to the speed controller.

you can also configure flight controller by using this video

11) Attach transmitter and receiver

The receiver should get attach to flight controller, with the help of jumper cables.

steps to make a drone at home
steps to make a drone from scratch

Join the cables of the receiver to the flight controller by using manual present inside the flight controller.

12) Attach propellers:

As we mentioned earlier the size of propellers depends upon the size of the drone. many motors have screws on the top head of the motor in which propeller can be easily installed.

steps to make a drone from scratch

13) Attach battery:

Here comes one of the major installation of the drone, the battery. As we know batteries are quite heavy as compared to other components.

So a battery should be placed exactly in the center of the drone frame because a heavy one-sided load of the battery can cause instability due to shifting of the center of gravity.

steps to make a drone from scratch

Most probably a battery should be placed under the mounting board, the connections of battery to the drone is different from piece to piece, for that refer the user guide provided by the company.

Li-Po (lithium polymer) batteries of 3.7V are used most of the times you can use other formats as per the requirements.

14) Configure remote controller:

Configuring the remote controller is just connecting your remote controller to the receiver of the drone, which can be done manually, no technical skills are required to do this thing.

steps to make a drone from scratch

Just power-up the remote controller and connect it with the receiver of the drone.

Here are some of the recommended remote controllers:

So far these are the steps to make a drone from scratch or we can say how to make a drone at home step by step!!!

We are also making a detailed guide on how to make a remote controller from scratch, for that stay tuned!!!

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