How to make Robots step by step(From Start to End):13 steps to make a robot

A robot is a machine that automatically performs a task or series of task-based on its programming and its functioning. So how to make robots? To make a robot there are many processes required such as the selection of robot category, components selection, assembly, making of prototype, testing of flaws, final designing, and quality check. With this, we are able to make a fully-fledged robot.

how to make robots

“Robots will harvest, cook, and serve our food. They will work in our factories, drive our cars, and walk our dogs. Like it or not, the age of work is coming to an end.”

Gray Scott

What are robots?

A robot is a human-like machine which is capable of performing certain tasks. A robot is a machine that automatically performs a task or series of task-based on its programming and it’s functioning.

The idea of robots isn’t new Ancient GREEK, CHINESE, ROMAN and many other engineers documented their efforts to build artificial humans and animals.

How to make Robots step by step

However, ROBOTS is derived from the word “FORCED LABOUR”. Usually, a robot is powered by some sorts of energy like electricity and is programmed by humans to perform a specific set of tasks or multiple sets of tasks simultaneously and it also has the ability to respond to its environment.

Ezoicreport this adRobots are artificially intelligent personal assistants which talk and interact as people do but the word robot also describes Roomba vacuum cleaners (Amazon) machines used on assembly lines and manufacturing military drones and toys like AIBO the robotic dog.

how to ake aibo robot
aibo robotic dog

Some robots are designed to do a specific task like, pick a box out of a warehouse and others must be designed to navigate in the real world and interact with people both of which require the robot to be dynamic and responsive to uncertainty.

Robots are not just machines that labor for humans, there are too many technologies that would fit this definition that doesn’t count as robots like washing machines and track as a definition this one doesn’t capture any of the qualities that make robots unique’s in our research!!

How Robot Works?

A robot is a combination of mechanics, electronics, and computer programming and software. Robotics works on the principle of Automation which simply means we can command whatever to the robot and it will work according to it.

working of a robot

Basically a robot works when we give command to its mechanical parts through programming, direct digital command or with the help of software.

Robots basically work on automation what we call as robotic process automation, have a look at what are the benefits of RPA.

Robots use their sensors for working, there are many sensors that a robot uses for it’s working like

  • Proximity Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Light Sensor(Photovoltaic cells)
  • Tactile Sensors
  • Navigation and Positioning Sensors
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Acceleration Sensor

Most of the industrial robots are working continuously without rest for mass production. They have hands like us, shoulder to control their movements, and joints. These robots are used in the places where human brain is not necessary.

sensors to make a robot
Robotic sensors

The hard part lies in providing a locomotive system for the robots. Typical robots like Sophia and Kuri have wheels so they can move fast.

Some wheels are designed for hard paths also. They move using pistons inside them which work rhythmically according to instructions. Scientists are way more interested in bipedal locomotion, which means walking with legs.

First, these robots must learn how to use their legs to move as we learned how to walk when we were kids. Our brain must know certain muscle movements to make walking a habit. In the same way, the computer learns the movements exactly and executes them.

These mobile robots are used in various tasks like diffusing bombs, seek out land mines, exploring unknown places like mars to collect samples, etc.

These are controlled using remote which is sometimes attached to them. They also work in homes, businesses and hospitals to avoid stressful work.

So from these examples, we have learned that the working of robots is totally based upon its application, whether it’s a smart thinking robot or a robot that does dangerous physical works.

In the future AI will be in great demand due to its increasing popularity, let’s see why Artificial Intelligence is important.

Let’s see what are the different types of robots that are available in the market:

  • Articulated 
  • Cartesian
  • Cylindrical
  • Delta
  • Cylindrical

Let’s see step by step How to make Robots:

There are many steps that involves in making a robot.

First of all, let’s see what are the components required to make a robot. And then we can move on to assembling our robots.

Let’s see what are the components required to make a robot

Components for making a robot:

  1. Power supply (Batteries).
  2. The Microprocessor (Brain: through which a robot thinks)
  3. Motors (for a physical moment of the robot)
  4. Sensors (different types of data for different tasks)
  5. Main Body Frame (physical body of the robot)
  6. Remote controller{R.C} (for operating or commanding the robot)
  7. Other important components like wheels, jumper cables, cameras, hydraulics, antenna, etc (as per the requirements to make a specific robot)
  8. Miscellaneous items like soldering machine, glue gun, duck tape, electric wires, a set of screwdrivers, pliers, wire clippers, etc, and many more small random stuff.

1)Power supply (Batteries):

There are many types of batteries that can be used, it all depends on the requirement and size of the robot. Batteries are the major component of the robot, without batteries we cannot move a robots hands.

There are two types of batteries that can be used, rechargeable and non-rechargeable.

In non-rechargeable batteries(Wikipedia) there are many types that can be used in making robots like:

Lithium-ion battery, orange Li-po battery

robotic batteries
batteries to make a robot
robot battery

for more information visit

2)The Microprocessor (Brain: through which a robot thinks)

As per my research, there are many types of micro-controller or microprocessor that can be used, But as per my experience and many other robotic-engineers, only few microprocessors are best suitable for robotics.

Raspberry Pi, Arduino UnoR3, and NVIDIA Jetson Nano are the best suitable microprocessors for making many types of functional robots. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Arduino is the least advance as compared to raspberry pi and JETSON board, it’s more like a physical micro-controller which is easy to use and to program to do certain specific tasks, which makes Arduino the best tool for making robots.

how to make a robot from arduino
Arduino uno

You can easily connect many electronic components like I.R sensor, laser mini speaker, etc, directly to the Arduino board with the help of jumper cables.

Raspberry Pi is similar to that of a computer but in a smaller version. we can call Raspberry pi as a MINI COMPUTER.

how to make a robot from raspberrypi

It has similar characterstics to that of a computer but with lower computing power.

NVIDIA JETSON board (lattepanda), we can say its a bit higher version of raspberry pi, since the functionality are almost similar but with more computing and graphical advancement added to it.

nvidia jetsone board

Lattepanda is more powerful as compared to both previous micro-controllers and also much more advance in graphics.

These are our recommendation for microprocessors:

arduino uno

Arduino Uno R3 ATmega328P

Ideal for small scale projects
raspberry pi4

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM

It is better for high end robotics projects

Raspberry Pi 4 4GB RAM

It is better for high end robotics projects but with less powwer
NVIDIA jetson board

NVIDIA Jetson Nano (Cortex®-A57, 4 GB 64-Bit LPDDR4)

It is one of the most powerful microcontroller in the market

3)Motors (For physical motion of robots):

First of all, why we use motors in robots? because robots provide better mechanical force as compared to any other medium.

And why we prefer electric motors rather than Hydraulics, why don’t we use Hydraulics instead of motors, the reason behind ar just three points

  • High Efficiency
  • High Performance
  • Precise Control

High Efficiency refers to when we supply electrical energy and it converts to the desired form of energy, in our case we want to convert it into mechanical energy. So basically electric motors are high in efficiency as compared to other machines.

High Performance as we have high efficiency directly or indirectly we will get performance, the performance of a motor is related to input energy and output energy (any form of energy). Performance is generally related to what output we get, is it quite profitable? or not? so basically we can surely say that electric motors are high in performance.

Precise Control in the field of precision servo motors and DC motors are at top-notch. unlike other hydraulics, the accuracy I not up to the mark because of the uncertainty of oil in hydraulics.

As per motors concern, there are varieties of motors used in building a robot such as a servo motor, DC motor, AC motor lets see one by one what are the motors which are important for moments of robots like moving head, traveling distances and many more.

Types of motors used in robots
Types of motors used in robots
  1. DC motor (Wikipedia)
  2. Servo motor (Wikipedia)
  3. AC motor (Wikipedia)
  4. Micro gear motor
  5. Stepper motor
  6. Linear motor
  7. Motor Drivers (microcontrollers that control motor’s actions)

4)Sensors in Robots (different types of data for different tasks):

Sensors are the input source of the robot, it acts as an input system for robots through which it can use for collection of information from its surroundings.

types of sensor in a robot
types of sensors in a robot

Sensors in robots plays a vital role in building a robot, because it collects information from it’s surrounding and then process the information and acts according to it.

There are many types of sensors in robotics and each different sensor in a robot has its own specialty. Like LIDAR sensor, proximity sensor, humidity sensor, and many more such types of amazing sensors that can be used in making a robot.

Let’s see how sensors play an important role in making a robot, the following sensors are commonly used in making robots, Types of sensors used in making robots

  • LiDAR Sensor
  • Line Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • PIR and IR Sensor
  • Camera Sensor
  • IMU, Accelerometer, Magnetometer & Gyroscope sensor
  • Hall Sensor
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Light/Color Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Microwave Sensor

How to make Robots is a very in depth question, so we will try our best to make you well known in the process of making a robot. stay tuned!

5)Main Body Frame (physical body of the robot):

The body of a robot is considered as the main supporting skeleton of a robot, the body of the robot not only supports the robotic frame but also protects its important and fragile parts from getting damaged.

It depends on what type of robot we want to make because each robot has different types of robotic bodies like the humanoid robot has a human-like structure, the animal robot has an almost similar resemblance to that of a specific animal.

How to make Robots step by step

The body of a robot can be made from different materials like cardboard, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, wood, steel, etc in aluminum is the most famous for making robots.

There are different components that makes the complete body of a robot,

  • Primary body (main solid supporting system that holds many major components of robot)
  • Joints (these are the secondary important part of a robot which includes arm, legs, supporting extensions, joints, etc.
  • Outer layer (it is the covering of the robot which acts as a protective shell to the fragile electronics)
  • final detailing (it can be anything clothes, paint, etc)

Currently we are not taking about any specific robot, so stay tuned with us for more upcoming robotics projects.

6)Remote controller{R.C} (for operating or commanding the robot)

A Remote Controller or RC is one of the most important part of any robot, drone or any other machine that is operated by humans or any computer.

Basically a remote controller is the signal generator,which sends specific signals to the machine which has to be operated like Drone, Robot, etc.

remote controller for robot
remote controller

We can operate our robot with the help of a remote controller that has been made specificely for robots. Remote-controller is used to operate from a distance wirelessly without any disturbance.

Remote controller can be made from Arduino, RaspberryPi, and also from other micro-controllers.

There are different types of remote controller for different purposes like flying drone, racing car, human robots, and many other electronics.

Choosing a right remote controller for controlleing a Robot is very important, because wrong decisions can cause waste of money and precious time as well.

We recommend you our personal choices or legit Remote controllers:

6)Other important components like wheels, jumper cables, cameras, hydraulics, antenna, etc:

In a fully-fledged robot, there are many components that help in working of a robot, like wheels, mini supporting heels, supporting hydraulics, receiver antenna, recording camera, balancing system, GPS (to track our machine’s location), voice recognition devices, wifi module, robotic grippers, linear actuator, Gyroscopic sensors, push switches, pressure pads, etc.

how to make robots by 16

wheels: wheels are the primary and easy choice for mobility, it is quite cheaper to use wheels as a method of mobility as compared to other claws or other systems.

recording camera: There are many types of robots and drones that are used for surveillance and for security purposes. In these robots camera is as a primary monitoring device, many times robots and other drones use a camera for viewing purposes and also for directing the robots, and also for monitoring surroundings.

camera for robot

GPS: your precious robots are very expensive ans important for you. GPS plays an important role in providing security to your robots by tracking its location. many times we due to technical and environmental errors GPS can be useful in finding your gadgets.

wifi modules: it is used to connect to the internet.

7)Miscellaneous items:

While making a robot we require many other items like pliers, duck tape, soldering gun, glue gun, wire clippers, cutter, saw, and many more. let’s have a look at how to make robots.

How to make robots step by step:

There are many steps involved in the making of a robot, Let’s discover how to make a robot step by step

  1. Decide the type of robot
  2. Collection of required parts and material
  3. Making a prototype diagram of the robot and its system
  4. Start assembling the brain and other important units
  5. Make the main body frame of the robot
  6. Installation of microcontroller and other important units
  7. Complete other body parts like legs, hands, head
  8. Installation of other components of the body
  9. Conducting a test drive
  10. Solving errors and bugs
  11. Formation of the outer body
  12. Designing and decoration
  13. Promoting and publication

In this session we are going to see how to make robots step by step from the level of importance

1)Decide the type of robot:

There are different types of robots, like humanoid, animal-specific, some of them are a combination of different structures and there are lots of other designs of robots.

type of robot

The important thing is to make a rough sketch of the robot you want to make and start correcting and add a finishing touch to your robot designs.

Designing a robot is not a complicated task at all just download drawings of other robots, study it carefully and by considering it design your own prototype of a robot.

2)Collection of important and required parts:

There are plenty of parts that involve in making a robot, so the important thing is to make a list of all the components required, and arrange them in the order of more importance.

Like the major important components are micro-controller, batteries, sensors, other PCB modules, remote controller(RC), body frame, etc.

I personally suggest to make groups of the components which are combining together and forming a part later on, and also make sure of the smaller components and arrange them.

3)Making a prototype diagram of the robot and its system:

Making a prototype is very useful as it guides us each and every part of the project. From drawing a prototype what i meant to say draw a rough sketch as well as finished sketch of your robotic design.

robot prototype

Here are some personal tips to make a prototype diagram of you project, start with drawing a rough sketch of your project and then go for a detailed version of it.

A prototype sketch acts as guideline to your project, make sure that you also include a TO-DO list in it just to make sure that none of the part is skipped while making your perfect masterpiece.

4)Start assembling the brain and other important units:

The major component of your robot is the micro-controller, basically, a micro-controller is the thinking and processing component of your robot.

Micro-controller works on specific commands and instructions and for that you have to programme it.

robot brain

For programming your your micro-controller you have to learn a little bit of programming language or you can just copy the code from the internet.

Assembling the brain requires connecting the MC to the battery, programming it, connecting it to primary PCB modules and sensors and that’s all you are good to go.

5)Formation of main body frame:

The main body frame is the structure that supports the whole system of your robot, make sure to make it strong and sturdy.

How to make Robots

6)Installation of micro-controller and other important units:

After assembling the micro-controller and making the primary frame, now start installation of your robotic parts into the body of you robot.

Start assembling from heavy and complicated objects first like battery, MC, PCB modules, wiring stuff, etc

7)Complete other body parts like legs, hands, head:

Attach your other body parts to robot, like hands, legs/wheels, head, and other supporting mechanisms.

how to make robotic arm

Make sure to add hydraulics and other servo motors to the hands and other parts of your robot.

8)Installation of other components of the body of the robot:

In this we are going to add antenna for the receiver, other important motors, hands for the robot, camera, GPS, etc according to the need.

9)Conducting a test drive

One of the most important aspect of any successful project is quality checks, test drives to check whether our product is working perfectly or not.

10)Solving errors and bugs:

While conducting test we can face many issues and errors and also many bugs in the programming of the robot, so it’s very important to solve the issues without losing hopes, many times lot’s of developers demotivates while solving the error, but it’s common to have bugs and error in your robot.

11)Formation of the outer body:

The outer body consists of the outer metal, plastic, or polymer coating that protects the whole robot and its components from getting damaged by dust, water, and other mechanical shocks that can damage the functioning of the robot.

If you have low budget you can make the outer shell of the robot by using fiber glass or carbon fiber, or you can also use polycarbonate materials like plastic, PVC, and many more.

robotic camera

For making a shell with fibreglass you will require specific structural moulds for the outer structure of the robot.

Many companies make the outer covering with the help of aluminium sheets,which are thin, light in weight, and sturdy as well.

12)Designing and decoration:

It’s just a cherry on cake thing, not needed necessarily but yes it can make your robot look more atractive.

Take a look at SOPHIA ROBOT how she is presented with beautiful latex skin, eyeballs, and also decorative clothing.

how to make sophia robot
how to make sophia robot

so it’s not really that important to make your robot decorative because it costs some extra money, but you can still manage to make some of the decoration on your own.

13)Promoting and publication:

For getting publically for what you have created you can easily contact you news reporters or can create a Youtube video on it.

For getting funding or publicly recognized you can post your project and work on newspaper article and also reach through many reporters for your work, you can easily get funded and get famous for your work.

In the future robotics will be in great demand and their future benefits can be helpful for your future too have a look at Future of Robotics:10 Benefits and Application of Robotics

For creating amazing robotic projects from scratch we recommend you our amazing robotic kit through which you can create amazing projects.

what is the cost of making a robot in INDIA?

It’s not specific though but on average, you can make a goo robot by using Arduino is around 3000-4000 Rs, and for the higher version, it can easily cost around Rs=10,000- 70,000 INR

What is better for making robot Arduino or raspberrypi?

Truly speaking both are good for making robots, if you want to make a general-purpose robot go for Arduino, and if you are willing to go to the next level go for RaspberryPi.

Can robots overtake human jobs?

See as far as future concern i am damm sure robots will not overtake us because there are many fields in which robots are uncapable of, like creative thinking, emotions and many more!!!

How to make robots?

Building a robot is a little bit complicated task which includes selection of components, drawing a prototype, organizing the material, assembly, errors and bug solving and many more

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