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Future of Robotics by Techohealth,com

Top 12 Future Applications of Robotics That you should know

Robotics is the study, designing, and making a machine capable of performing multiple tasks in a much efficient and faster way as compared to humans. The Future of Robotics is going to be very diversified. In the future robotics will be in great demand because of its speed, accuracy, 24×7 availability, high IQ of thinking, etc. Robotics is a combination of computer science, mechanics, electrical engineering. The word robot means “forced labor” and the study of robots is called robotics. Robotics is the study of robots, which includes designing and making robots. Robots are multifunctional, re-programmable, and automatic industrial machines designed for replacing humans. Robots are widely used in many industries to perform simple repetitive tasks, and in industries where the work must be performed in environments hazardous to humans.

Future of Augmented Reality by tecohealth.com

Top 10 Working and Future of Augmented Reality 101 guide

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most futuristic and continuously growing and enhanced versions of virtual reality, augmented reality is created with the help of software technology to overlay any digital image such as animals, objects, animated characters, Animated characters on the image of the object can be viewed through devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc.