Future of Neuralink and Benefits

What is Neuralink?

Tesla founder Elon Musk has launched a tech startup Neuralink to create implants that connect human brains to computer interfaces through artificial intelligence.

Musk said Neuralink’s main goal is to help people deal with the brain and spinal cord injuries or congenital defects.

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This technique can help perplexes that have lost the ability to move or sense due to spinal cord injury – a medical treatment that is far less radical than radical sci-fi ideas such as “sustained telepathy” Is shocking.

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Founder of Neuralink

Neuralink, a neurotechnology firm co-founded by Elon Musk in 2016, expects an even more lavish pursuit. With the possibility of global warming and human extinction, Musk is very concerned with another existential threat. Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

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Ezoicreport this adMusk gave a large presentation of Neuralink’s research on Tuesday night, though he said it was not just for publicity. “Recruitment is the main reason for doing this presentation,” Elon Musk said, asking people to apply to work at neuralink technology.

MaxLink president Max Hodak also came on stage and admitted that he was not originally sure that “this technique was a good idea,” but Musk reassured him that it would be possible

Purpose of Neuralink

The major purpose of Neuralink according to Elon musk is to develop ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces for connecting humans to computers. In practice, it is in the form of chip implantation in the brain to achieve “symbiosis with artificial intelligence”, which can protect and enhance our brain.

However, with early versions of this implant, the company’s current focus is on understanding and treating brain injuries and disorders. Elon Musk believes that technology is an important step towards improving the future with artificial intelligence.

How Neuralink works??

NEURALINK the company that developed the brain-machine interface showed some technology that is being developed for the public for the first time. The goal is to eventually implant devices in paralyzed humans, allowing them to control phones or computers.

Approaching technology would be observed by a neurosurgical robot in clusters of flexible, electrode “threads” implanted in the human brain. These threads detect and record electrical signals in the brain, and transmit this information outside the body. It has the ability to create a scalable high-bandwidth brain-machine interface (BMI) system. which means that it connects the brain to an external device to create a brain-machine interface.

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The first major advance is flexible “threads”, which are less likely to cause brain damage than currently used materials in brain-machine interfaces.

According to a white paper credited to “Elon Musk and Neuralink”, these threads also create the possibility of transferring high volumes of data. Abstract note that may include the system “as many as 3,072 electrodes per array distributed in 96 threads.”

The threads are 4 to 6 microns in width, which makes them significantly thinner than a human hair. In addition to developing threads, NeurLink’s other big advance is a machine that automatically embeds them.

Benefits of Neuralink

A person can imagine walking, dancing, or even kung fu,” Sabes said, controlling their 3D avatar in a digital realm with Neuralink connections.

“Finally, if and when the technique for stimulation of the spinal nerve or muscle goes far enough. It can be used to restore control of that person’s own body.”

Neuralink hopes its process will be safe and easy for people who like to go through it. “It should be safe that this can be an alternative process,” said company neurosurgeon Matthew McDougall

Neuralink brings the very complex scope of biology to the scope of Elon Musk. Human brains are difficult to understand.

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Since computer scientists at many companies such as Facebook and Google are making rapid progress in how brains work through a technology called neural networks which are connected to neurons.

The most practical and promising basis for today is artificial intelligence in the field of neuralink. One of the most useful aspects of neuralink’s research is getting computers to understand humans better by processing human speech, human thinking and human behaviour.

Neuralink future

source youtube/neuraink

In the future, scientists at Neuralink hope to use a laser beam to get through the skull instead of drilling holes, he said in an interview with The New York Times. According to that report, early experiments with neuroscientists will be conducted at Stanford University. “We expect this to plant in a human by the end of next year,” Musk said.

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