Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Earbuds Comparision

The Launch of Nothing Ear 1 has created a fuzz in the market, Let’s have a Quick Comparision between Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Earbuds, what should you buy and why?

Nothing Ear 1

This new company was founded by carl pay former founder of OnePlus and now who’s turning into a mastermind for generating hype for many different techs.

The Nothing Ear 1 truly wireless earbuds and they’re pretty interesting I mean the design here alone is quite different but there are a bunch of features here as well.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700

The earphones themselves also have a transparent body and I mean it’s quite a good look there’s the Nothing Ear 1 text printed here as you can see and because these are transparent you can kind of see the circuit board as well it’s quite cool and it’s definitely a fresh new design.

Ezoicreport this adThey have an ipx4 rating for sweat and splash resistance so you can definitely use these for your workout sessions these earphones are also very comfortable they actually have the same pressure-relieving vents that you’ll find in the AirPods pro.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700

So the nothing here one have an 11.6 mm driver and a 0.34 cc air chamber for better sound i’ve used these earphones extensively over the last few days and the sound quality here is really good the earphones sound amazing the highs mids and the bass are all well balanced

Yeah, the Nothing Ear 1 are definitely better in sound quality the galaxy buds are a close second but if you’re looking for impressive sound quality at this price I would recommend the nothing ear.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Comparision

The most important feature here is noise cancellation yeah the Nothing Ear 1 comes with support for active noise cancellation

Nothing Ear 1 has a bunch of other features as well there’s your detection so your music plays and pauses automatically

Nothing Ear 1 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Comparision

Plus there’s support for tab gestures here so you can double-tap to play and pause music and triple tap to skip tracks that’s fine but you also get volume controls here so you can swipe up and down on the stem of the earphones to increase or decrease the volume

Sony WF-XB700

sony already mentioned they made these earphones for all the music and bass lovers especially who love to listen the idiom music.

Now let’s talk about the battery life usually all tws earphones work maximum for six hours in continuously music play but sony wf xb700 can work for nine hours in one time charge.

Nothing Ear 1 and Sony WF-XB700

Also one more thing which i like about this earphones the box has inbuilt nine hours charging so that means with full box and earphone charging it can work for 18 hours and also it comes with a quick charge.

Sony said with just a 10 minutes of charging you can use these earphones for 60 minutes of music play the design is very unique.

COMPARISION BETWEEN Nothing Ear 1 and Sony WF-XB700

Sony said it designed to make contact with three different points on your ear for a secure and comfortable fit well these earphones are not waterproof but it has ipx4 so it is a splash and sweatproof.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Comparision

It also supports google or siri voice assistant now obviously button so they are really different from other earbuds i have used but they don’t support the touch gesture earphones touch support so you have to manually press the buttons which are available in both the earphones.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Comparision

let’s talk about the physical appearance so they are elegant and even box also gives you a rock feel f xb 700 battery life sizes so it’s very easy so if you love to listen to good music and you’re looking for a new ear words so you can go for the sony wf xb700.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Comparision

So here’s the comparison between Nothing Ear 1 and Sony WF-XB700.

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Specifications

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
User Rating8.9/108.0/10
TypeIn the EarIn the Ear
Model NoB181WFXB700
price in IndiaRs 5,999Rs 6,599

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Bluetooth Connectivity Comparision

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
BluetoothYes, v5.2Yes, v5.0
Bluetooth Range10m10m
Switch between Call and MusicYesYes

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Battery Comparision

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
Battery Capacity570 mAh
Battery Life~1.42 days~18hours

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Sound Comparision

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
Deep BassYesYes
Frequency Response20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max)20 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max)
Driver Unit11.6 mm12 mm
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Features

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
Major FeaturesHybrid Active Noise Cancellation, Sound Codec: AAC and SBC,
Iconic Transparent Design, Wireless Charging
Touch controls for volume and track change, Deep Bass, fast charging, huge battery capacity

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Extra Features

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
Extra FeaturesLow Latency, Find My Earbud, High Definition Microphones, In-Ear Detection, Fast Pairing, 11.6 mm Driver, Deep Bass, Graphene Magnet18 hrs playtime, Sweat Proof, fully charges in 7 hrs, heavy-duty, 12mm drivers

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Warranty and Packaging

Nothing Ear 1Sony WF-XB700
Warranty1 year, by Brand Warranty1 year
Warranty TypeManufacturerManufacturer
Covered in WarrantyManufacturing DefectsManufacturing Defects
Reason Not Covered in WarrantyPhysical Damagenot specified
Package includesEarbuds, Wireless Charging DockOperating Instruction, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, USB Cable, Earbuds

Nothing Ear 1 vs Sony WF-XB700 Which is better? (Conclusion)

To be honest, the reviews that I got from many YouTubers, customers about the latest Nothing Ear 1 are pretty fascinating as compared to the Sony WF-XB700, as we know the battery capacity of OnePlus Buds is amazing, but to be specific the features, the sound quality of Nothing ear1 is exceptionally amazing.

So the conclusion is that Nothing Ear 1 is better than Sony WF-XB700 in terms of sound quality, design, and bass.

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