How to Organize Multiple Email accounts for Security Purpose

In today’s world, Email Security is a major concern, and Managing Multiple Email Accounts for Security is a Tedious task in this we are going to share some of our own tips and tricks to manage multiple Email accounts for better security.

Why we need Email Security

In today’s world cybercriminals are not going after company systems anymore they are going after a company’s users it is important to have security best-applied practices, especially with Emails of clients and employees as well.

Security of your business common threats to email systems include the following increasingly attackers are taking advantage of email to deliver a variety of attacks to organizations through the use of malware or malicious software that includes viruses worms Trojan horses and spyware unsolicited commercial email commonly referred to as spam.

How to Organize Multiple Email accounts for Security Purpose

Today email is one of the most important aspects of professional communication, right from job application to client meetings, thus the answer is quite basic, Email Security is a must.

Why we need multiple Email Accounts to maintain the security

Ezoicreport this adThe reason why we need multiple email accounts from a security point of view is,

  • You can keep your professional or important email seperated from your day to day email (which you use to signup for multiple websites)
  • If your one email got hacked your other emails are safe.
  • The main reason for keeping multiple email is to keep different Email for different purpose (eg:- Bank, social media, office, etc)
  • Multiple Emails are better in organizing Tasks.

Secure Email Service providers

There are many companies that provide their own Email services, not only for business but also for common individuals like us.

We are not mentioning them all and we don’t need to, here I have selected some of the best companies that provide email services that are more secure and easy to manage for security purposes.

Organize Multiple Email accounts for Security

These are some of my personal recommendations to create multiple email accounts for better security.

  1. Gmail (all in one)
  2. ProtonMail (most secure email service)
  3. Outlook (powerful, clean)
  4. Yahoo Mail (simple and subtle)
  5. Zoho (best on daily basis)

How to create Multiple Email Accounts for Security

Creating an Email account in any of the following services is very simple, first of all, you should have your own mobile number and the mobile at the same time (to receive an OTP message).

Take for example if you want to create multiple Gmail accounts in your chrome browser, you already have an option in your Google Chrome Browser, Known as “+Add” Here’s how it looks in your browser.

Multiple Email accounts for Security

As you click on this email icon a drag-down list will appear, and in that, the last option is the “Add” option, where you can create multiple chrome icons and emails as well.

Remember don’t use the “Guest” option, as it creates a temporary account.

That’s how you can create multiple Email account in your chrome, and it’s almost similar to other browsers as well.

How to Organize Multiple Email accounts for Security

Since we know how to create multiple email account, now the major task is to organize these multiple emails for different uses.

Take for example, if you are a student you can use multiple for managing your Bank account, your internship & job applications, your academics as well and subscriptions to courses and services.

This having multiple email accounts for different purposes provides an extra layer of security, and also makes your life simple and stress-free.

Here is a Step by Step Guide on how to manage multiple email accounts for security.

1) Choosing Email Services

As we discussed earlier it’s your own decision to choose which email service is better, after that simply signup to them or create a new email account

2) Setting-up Device

Setting Up a device simply means that you have to decide which you want to contain your emails, it may be a laptop, smartphone, or a PC.

I personally recommend keeping your emails on 2 devices, one on a smartphone and the other on a PC or laptop.

3) Email Name & Password setting

Try to choose more complex names for your email and use them in or make sequential emails like “[email protected]”, “[email protected]”, etc.

Make your password as per google rules, for example, [email protected]#^%$FS213^%$42” and much more combinations.

4) Email Management

Email management refers to maintaining your email lists up to date, by changing passwords, blocking & deleting spam, logging out from unnecessary websites and apps.

5) Check Frequently all Emails

Keep a routine not to miss the inbox of all your email accounts.

6) Use of Desktop Client

Desktop clients provide software solutions to their clients, like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird, etc.

These clients free email support and services to the user and also their secured software for their email.

7) Forward Multiple Emails to one Master Account

Google provides a backup account what we call a recovery email, in this, we have to provide another email for security purposes, in case you forgot your password and want to recover your email.

Make a master email that should be totally unique and known to you only, and use it as a recovery email.

8) Create Multiple Chrome/Browser Extensions & Folders

As I mentioned earlier, we can make multiple browsers icons/folders by using google chrome, by simply clicking the “+Add” menu below your Gmail account.

For better management create different folders to manage your email accounts, so that each folder acts differently, and it would break the continuous email linking chain, eventually becoming a nightmare to hackers and spammers.

Important Tips to keep your multiple Email Safe & secure

Understanding how to protect yourself online can be very exhausting and almost impossible because most of us just don’t understand.

There is a way to find out if your email has been hacked or someone knows your password, and most email providers now offer it for free. Not many people understand that two-factor authentication can completely secure email accounts.

It acts as a second password that is delivered to your phone only or using a physical token. It also acts as an alerting mechanism for when someone other than you tries to log in.

Getting this alert directly tells you someone knows your password and is trying to basically log in, and it lets you know that you should change your password immediately, on any of the accounts that use that similar password.

But because of the code being sent to the phone, they can’t have access to your account so it protects it as well. How it really… How it all works is two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA, or two-step verification, is an extra layer of security, also called multi-factor authentication.

Multi-factor means, something you know (like a password) and something you have (like a physical token or phone).

Now they could build phishing websites that could trick you to enter the code and sign in quickly, or copy your SIM card, or steal your phone altogether, but these scenarios are very unlikely, especially for everyday people like you and me.

So here are some points that you should remember to keep your multiple email accounts safe.

  1. Always enable 2-factor Authentication
  2. Encrypt your Device as well, with password or pincode.
  3. Use Temporary mail for suspicious and spammy websites.
  4. Keep your password long and unique.

I hope you find this article helpful if you have any doubts or queries feel free to ask in the comment section below, till then, have a good day -Kunal Salekar(

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