All About SpaceX Starship SN5

SpaceX’s SN5 Starship

Founded by Elon Musk (CEO), The company named SpaceX has successfully launched its first flight of a starship prototype known as Starship SN5.

SpaceX Starship SN5
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The starship SN5 prototype was tested in south Texas, in SpaceX’s Boca Chica facility. This was the first Starship prototype to successfully fly and land after a long time, the previous experiments was a great disaster for SpaceX.

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SpaceX Starship SN5
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What is starship SN5

Originally the starship SN5 is a fully reusable spacecraft capable of carrying heavy loads such as cargo and passengers. It is also the second stage of the starship system.

SpaceX sn5 Starship
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It provides an integrated payload segment and is capable of transporting passengers and cargo to Earth’s orbit, planetary destinations, and destinations.

SpaceX Starship is a fully reusable super heavy-lift launch vehicle under development by SpaceX since 2012, a self-financed private spaceflight project.

The second phase of the starship “- designed as a long-haul cargo and passenger-carrying spacecraft also used to carry cargo and passengers.

Reason behind starship SN5

SpaceX Starship SN5 has under development since 2012 and is a part of SpaceX’s central mission to make interplanetary travel accessible to everyone and affordable and also to become the world’s first private company to do so.

SpaceX Starship SN5
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Therefore, the company is working on building reusable launch vehicles, capable of carrying humans to Mars and other plenary and interplanetary destinations in the solar system.

Once the project is successful, SpaceX Starship SN5 spacecraft will enter Mars’ atmosphere at a speed of 7.6 km/sec.

SpaceX Starship SN5
Source Steve Jurvetson/Twitter

While no human being has set foot on Mars yet, the planet continues to give access to scientists and researchers because of the possibility that life existed there once.

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SpaceX is planning its first cargo mission to the red planet by 2022-2024, the company wants to fly four ships including two cargo and two crewed ones to Mars for space exploration.

Future of starship SN5 and SpaceX

As we all know about Elon musk’s futuristic thinking, that he wants to build an entire city on MARS (the red planet).

SpaceX Starship SN5
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So in this mission SpaceX will provide a major role. As spacex series of starships will be the major transport medium for cargos, passengers, utilities and many more.

SpaceX Starship SN5
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The spacecraft will be mounted on top of the giant rocket called SpaceX’s SUPER HEAVY, which will be powered by six of SpaceX’s Raptor engines. SpaceX is planning to be fully operational by the end of this year 2020 and ill lunch many commercial payloads on the rocket by the year 2021-2022.

SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft is designed to carry crew and cargo to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

SpaceX’s Starship will be the world’s most powerful launch vehicle ever developed, with the ability to carry more than 100 metric tonnes of loads to Earth’s orbit.
Source Steve Jurvetson/Twitter

In future SpaceX now plans to host a series of small ships. The next phase will be to fly at extremely high altitudes using body flaps. Elon Musk has previously suggested that the company could host an almost 20-kilometer jump, but the exact height of future launches is still unclear.

SpaceX has also outlined plans to send Japanese multi-billionaire “Yusaku Maezawa” on a trip around the moon with six to eight artists as part of the SpaceX’s “Dear Moon” mission.

So basically we can say that our future will be full of explorations, hopes, adventures, a new world, and many more!!!

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