w to make a drone at home step by step

How to make a Drone step by step at home

A detailed step by step guide on How to make a drone at home from scratch (step by step guide),A drone is a combination of electronics and computer science, but How to Make a Drone? to make a drone you will require some sorts of electronic components and electric components that we will discuss in this blog, and the major part of making a drone is an assembly of the components and to make a complete drone

future of software engineering and software development

18 Factors will affect the Future of Software Engineering & Software Development

Software Engineering is the art of making creative and useful applications through Software Development. The future of software Engineering will definitely in great demand due to its increasing demand for future development. But the competition will continue on increasing, because of automation, and advancement in AI. In the Future of Software Engineering will be greatly …

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how to make a robot

How to make Robots step by step(From Start to End):13 steps to make a robot

A robot is a machine that automatically performs a task or series of task-based on its programming and it’s functioning. So how to make robots? To make a robot there are many processes required such as the selection of robot category, components selection, assembly, making of prototype, testing of flaws, final designing, and quality check. With this, we are able to make a fully-fledged robot.

future of bitcoin

What will be the Future of Bitcoin Stocks:101 Predictions

In the future Bitcoin will be in great demand because of its increasing demand, popularity, and security due to Blockchain technology. The future of Bitcoin is definitely going to flourish, As bitcoin stocks are always fluctuating, naturally the major question arises “what will be the future of bitcoin?”. let’s see in this blog what will be the future of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is an electronic currency but unlike government-issued currencies there is no single entity that issues Bitcoin, or is in charge of processing its transactions.

Future of NanoTechnology in Healthcare

Future of NanoTechnology in Healthcare:Top 10 Applications

Nanotechnology is the science of dealing with particles that are at the molecular, or at subatomic levels. Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating particles, molecules, or atoms, which are smaller in size of nanometers (A nanometer is a one-billionth of a meter). The future of Nanotechnology in healthcare is very beneficial in many medical treatments like a diagnosis of cancer cells or damaged organs, better transfer of vaccines, and also in the diagnosis of rapidly spreading diseases. Future of Nanotechnology

Future of Robotics by Techohealth,com

Top 12 Future Applications of Robotics That you should know

Robotics is the study, designing, and making a machine capable of performing multiple tasks in a much efficient and faster way as compared to humans. The Future of Robotics is going to be very diversified. In the future robotics will be in great demand because of its speed, accuracy, 24×7 availability, high IQ of thinking, etc. Robotics is a combination of computer science, mechanics, electrical engineering. The word robot means “forced labor” and the study of robots is called robotics. Robotics is the study of robots, which includes designing and making robots. Robots are multifunctional, re-programmable, and automatic industrial machines designed for replacing humans. Robots are widely used in many industries to perform simple repetitive tasks, and in industries where the work must be performed in environments hazardous to humans.