The God Equation Summary & Meaning (Simply Explained)

The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything is an extraordinary Book written by well-known Scientist and Physicist Michio Kaku, in his book he summarised the relation between Life and Quantum Physics, and how life is related to everything that is possibly existed in this unknown universe. Let’s see a small summary of The God Equation.

“…the “Mind of God,” which Einstein wrote eloquently about, is cosmic music resonating throughout hyperspace.”

― Michio Kaku,

For Many Decades Physicists have been working on the theory called “The Standard Model” as a way to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Theoretical Physicists Michio Kaku is co-founder of the String Field Theory a model that he says is a step towards “The Theory of Everything”, In his recently launched book also known as “The God Equation”, he explained the underlying truths of the secret equation and its workings.

The God Equation Summary

In this we are understanding the Summary and the meaning of The God’s Equation.

The God Equation Summary

Ezoicreport this adWhat is the mind of a God, How it functions, the same principle was chased by Sir Albert Einstein for almost 30 years of his extraordinary life.

Sir Albert Einstein Wanted a single equation that can combine all the forces of this universe, an equation that has all the combinations of all forces of the nature and universe. These Equations and their forces are:

  • Gravitational Force
  • Electromagnetic Force
  • Weak Nuclear Force
  • Strong Nuclear Force
The God Equation Summary

He wanted the unification of all universal forces into one single Theory that we can call “The God’s Equation” that we also call “The Theory of Everything”.

The God Equation Summary

In his book Professor Michio Kaku explains why we need “The God’s Equation”, Leonard Euler, one of the greatest mathematician in human history, has invented the equation which summarizes the fundamental constants of mathematics, what we call as “The God Equation of Mathematics”

The God Equation Summary

But the equation is quite useless in terms of practical application, but as we know physics is different from others it has much practical application as compared to any other field.

Sir Issac Newton worked on the mathematics and theories of gravity and laws of moving objects, which concluded to great industrial revolution that changed humanity forever.

The God Equation Summary

And then Sir James Maxwell and Sir Michael Faraday combined Electricity and magnetism which lead to the invention of Electromagnetism and Electromagnetic Energy and Electromagnetic Force, what we call the “Electric Evolution” of many amazing theories and inventions like the light bulb, Generators, dynamos, and so on.

And now we have E = mc2, which led humans to nuclear war and nuclear revolution,

So what do these inventions and revolution tells us? what’s the linking bridge behind all of these things? are these theories interlinked? or they are pointing towards something that is still undiscovered and unknown to humanity.

See, Each time we discovered Forces of nature, or we can say Each time Force Unraveled, it changes human history and humanity forever and the change is irreversible.

And now we (humans) want to put the whole thing together to create “The God Equation” to discover a ultimate Force that has the ability to change humanity forever.

By fulfilling Einstein’s Final and Original Dream.

The God Equation Summary

The God Equation is just like The God Equation of Mathematics, it should work like it, that is to unify all the basic concepts of physics into one equation.

So what are these basic concepts of physics they are “Relativity” and “Quantum Theory”.

The problem is the quantum theory is that it, does not unify well with general relativity, See what I meant to say that general relativity of Sir Albert Einstein is based on smooth surfaces, But the quantum theory is based on chopping things up into particles that are totally opposite to that of einstein’s philosophy of smooth curves representing space and time that’s why it’s so difficult to unify the greatest concepts of physics.


So far we can say there’s only one theory which is survived every challenge The String Theory, So what’s a String theory?

Now even school children know e equals m c squared that unifies m matter with e energy.

Well Einstein was not satisfied, he wanted a bigger theory that would unite the nuclear force gravity electromagnetism into one simple equation and unfortunately he failed.

But today we think we have it, it’s not in its final form.

That’s why many scientists still working on it, and it’s called String Theory and it has satisfied all the requirements for a theory of everything.


So just remember that the greatest minds of humanity for 2,000 years have wanted a single paradigm a theme, a design for the entire universe to explain the diversity of everything.

I personally think is like a chess game and after 2,000 years of thorough investigation we finally figured out how the pawns move and the bishop and the knights, one day we will figure out the god equation that is the rules of the universe and become grandmasters.

And after the discovery of The God’s Equation, people will still have to work at the frontier of relativity for example time travel is time travel possible are there other dimensions and other universes, what happened before the big bang what’s on the other side of a black hole and much much more beyond that.

I believe in the god of Einstein, the god of spinoza that the universe is gorgeous it’s simple elegant his simplicity is dazzling and it could not have been an accident.

because it would have been random chaotic ugly but here we are in this gorgeous universe you know we can put the theory of almost everything on a simple sheet of paper.

One sheet of paper that contains relativity the quantum theory it didn’t have to be that way the universe could have been boring it could have been empty and yet here we are conscious beings with self-awareness consciousness wondering about the great themes of the entire universe itself.

That’s why i believe in the god of Einstein now Galileo put it this way the purpose of science is to determine how the heavens go the purpose of religion is to determine, how to go to heaven.

In other words, physics is about natural law the laws of the universe religion is about ethics how to be a good person how to go to heaven, in other words, I see no contradiction they are complementary.

“In some sense, gravity does not exist; what moves the planets and the stars is the distortion of space and time.”

― Michio Kaku

The God Equation Meaning – Everything That Was Kept Secret Was Revealed! by God’s Equation

If you understand deeply the laws of physics then you know what is possible what is plausible and impossible and so having a foundation in physics made all the difference in the world.

All biology can be explained in the language of chemistry all of chemistry can be explained in the language of physics but all of physics can be explained in the language of relativity like the big bang and the quantum theory, which gives us transistors and lasers and the internet.


The goal is to merge these two great theories to create an equation one inch long maybe that would allow us to unravel the universe itself that’s the holy grail what we can call “The Holy Grail of Science”.

We are all born scientists when we’re born we want to know why the sun shines we want to know where we come from but then we hit the greatest destroyer of scientists known to science the greatest destroyer of scientists is junior high school because in junior high school that’s when scientists made boring memorization lists of names and facts and figures.


You’re never going to use any way that is totally irrelevant because you know science is based on principles concepts physical pictures that’s what drives science like evolution like relativity like newton’s laws and so that’s why we lose so many people in the danger years 15, 16, 17, those are the dangerous years when we lose millions of young kids.

I like to quote Galileo who once said that “the purpose of science is to determine how the heavens go” but the purpose of religion is to determine how to go to heaven how the heavens go how the planets move how the galaxy moves how to be a good person how to obey the laws and help your neighbors but as long as we keep these two things relatively separate they are complementary So I don’t see any contradiction between the two what do you think happens when we die I begin to realize that science is closing in on mortality genetic immortality is a possibility and also digital immortality is a possibility”


For example, everything known about us can be digitized our credit card transactions our emails to give an approximation of well who we are our digital soul why do we die? We die because of the buildup of errors, the errors in our DNA errors in our cells, and because of chaos the second law of thermodynamics things rust things fall apart things die but if you add energy from the outside you can get around the second law of thermodynamics.


For example with gene therapy, we’ll be able to attack aging at three levels one is telomerase you see telomerase also is used by cancer cells now the cancer cells are also immortal that’s why they kill you because they are immortal and that’s one way that cancer cells become immortal.

The God Equation Summary & Meaning

So we have to control telomerase second we know that if you live uh want to live 30 longer eat 30 percent less why is that well we’re not sure because you slow down the oxidation process we don’t want to eat 30 less we want to eat less of food and still live longer and that gets us into oxidation.

Why do cars get old what ages in a car well it’s the engine why the engine because that’s where you have combustion oxidation wear and tear well where is the engine of a cell the mitochondria bingo we now know where errors build up in a cell the mitochondria and with gene therapy with crisp technology.

one day i think that maybe our grandkids will hit the age of 30 and stop they may like being 30 for many decades to come i think that’s well within the realm of possibility given the rapidity with which we are now unraveling.

The question why do we have to die well there is a benefit to dying and that is on a societal level you don’t want to stagnate you don’t want ideas that are old crusted and obsolete to dominate young people who may think differently.

So on one hand you want to transport the wisdom you want to get the wisdom of a generation and give the next generation that wisdom of life is life is more complicated than any simple formula.

However sometimes people begin to get you know old and tired and they want the young generation to be just as old and tired as they are and that’s not a good idea that will cause stagnation.

That’s why i say that in the future when people live forever or live very long when they hit the age of 30 that’s a good age to stop because you’re still young enough to have vibrant ideas but you still have the wisdom the wisdom of the first 30 years of your life.

Look at it this way why do we have to die look at the Greenland shark the Greenland shark lives to be about 500 years of age we know that because just like tree rings you can look at the eyeball of the fish count the rings and calculate the age of these fish and they are between 400 to 500 years of age.

So in other words why do we have to die in the arctic where these fish are metabolism is much slower and slower metabolism means air is build up slower and again that’s what aging is the buildup of genetic and cellular mistakes they build up cells get sluggish they eventually die as a consequence.

but in worms for example we can actually double their lifespan and as i mentioned you can take any animal up to humans and make them live 30 percent longer.

Now this has not been tested in humans by the way it’s been tested in dogs cats primates you eat 30 percent less you live 30 percent longer why hasn’t it been tested in humans.

Before we test humans by having them eat 30 percent less well aging backwards would violate the second law of thermodynamics the second law of thermodynamics says that in a closed system things decay things get older things fall apart things die.

The keyword is closed in a closed system things naturally get older in an open system like you have sunlight energy from the sun that can reverse the process that’s how evolution takes place.

Evolution should violate the second law of thermodynamics people get i mean if you take a look at human evolution we got smarter we got more adapted to the environment why because we had extra energy from the outside sunlight.

Now that open system could be biochemistry and so biochemistry could replace sunlight and speed up this process instead of waiting millions of years for evolution to catch up we may be able to do it in one generation.

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