Time Travel through Wormhole is it Possible? Let’s see

After researching a lot on time travel and wormhole, I can now say about Time Travel through Wormhole is possible or not, so there are many reasons that why time travel through a wormhole is not possible, and here’s the detailed explanation.

“People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein.

Let’s Understand What is a Wormhole?

Since ancient times we are always curious about space, in previous times humans are only known about some shining stars in outer space, but with the invention and evolution of telescope, humans are started to understand more about outer space, they also understand that not all the shining little objects are stars, they also contain certain planets and their moons, galaxies, and much more.

is Time Travel through Wormhole possible?

As we get to know that earth is a planet, that made us curious, how many other planets are there in the entire space?, Are there any life on outer planets?, Is there any planet like or better than telescope?

This gave rise to space telescopes like Hubble space Telescope, which ultimately became one of the best invension of mankind. The Hubble gave us many proofs that there are many earth like planets in our galaxy, milky-way, and universe as well.

Time Travel through Wormhole

Ezoicreport this adBut the major problem is these planets are much more far away from us, maybe many-many light-year ahead from us, so traveling at such a distance is not possible as compared to our current technologies.

Creating a spacecraft that can travel at the speed of light is not possible, According to Albert Einstein’S Theory (E = mc2), to travel any object at the speed of light has to follow some specific rules from the “theory of relativity“.

If any object has to travel at the speed of light, it should have zero weight and should have a tremendous amount of fuel and energy, which is next to impossible.

So is there any other way to travel through space with no-time?, YES and the answer is Wormhole.

There are some equations or theories that makes possible to reach through greater distance with less amount of time (before light), and those two possibilities are “wormhole” and “warp drive

So technically and theoretically we can say a wormhole is a gateway that allows us to travel to a much-much longer distance with a speed greater than that of light!

Some people call it the portal or some people call it the time traveler also before starting I hope that all of you know about the time dimension or the time plane present in space.

How Wormhole Works:

So how wormhole works?, how this unique gateway makes us travel through time with the speed faster than light? is it really possible to Time Travel Through Wormhole? Let’s see

how Time Travel through Wormhole works?

At the beginning of the 19th century, no one challenged newton’s gravitational laws (F = G(m1m2)/R2) every object in this universe attracts each other through a specific invisible force that we call is as Gravity. The larger the object larger will be the force as stated by Newton.

But there’s a big flaw in newtons theory!! He told us that each and every object attracts each other, but he never specified that why they attract and how they attract to each other.

This fault in newton’s theory made a young man very curious, his name is Sir Albert Einstein. in 1915 with the help of his theory General Reletavity he stated gravity is created by change in space and time.

According to Einstein, every object forms it’s own space-time, the bigger and heavier the object the bigger the space-time, in the given image below we can see different planets have different space times.

how Time Travel through Wormhole works?

As we can see the yellow planet has greater depression in space-time layer, if by any chance the object is quite denser and heavier then their space-time stretches, and joins the other objects’s space-time.

So guys as you can see this is the fourth dimension or some people called it as the time dimension in the relativistic physics and it has the ability of stretching itself as we apply more mass as we apply more mass more it is stretched and we also call it as the space-time curvature as you can hurt in general relativity actually.

So more mass more stretching and less mass you oh the side view of the fourth dimension would simply be a single line which would get stretched as you apply more mass.

how Time Travel through Wormhole works?
how Time Travel through Wormhole works?

This connected space-time can decrease the distance between two objects at a very drastic rate, thereby creating a wormhole, which has the potential to decrease the time in-between two spaces that are far away from each other.

Scientists didn’t discover any of the wormhole right now simply we can even form under the time of wormhole like now if this is earth now or an earth-like planet which is stretching the gravity very less in this side but have a parallel planet which is much more massive and is stretching the gravity much more then we can say that this is a wormhole.

How Time Travel Works / Time Travel Through Wormhole

See according to my research the main purpose of time travel is to reach any destination of time without spending more amount of energy and time itself.

Basically, time travel is simply traveling from one destination to another within a fraction of a second or in milliseconds, so we understand that to travel through time we require a wormhole.

So wormhole is basically a thin tube of space that connects to very very distant parts of space. So it’s almost like a tunnel it’s a little part of space you go in there and you pop out somewhere else.

In the universe on a tunnel through space shortcut through the billions of light-years separating the farthest ends of the universe, it begs the question of how anything could bore a hole through space?

The wormhole is basically like a tunnel through space itself that can connect one region to another region potentially very far away so to illustrate that we’re taking space and imagining it as this two-dimensional sheet of paper.

How Time Travel Works / Time Travel Through Wormhole

So we have a wormhole mouth that you can go in and then the other end is a place you can go out so you imagine a tunnel that goes into there and comes out of there and you might say well it would take me longer to get from one place to another.

How Time Travel Works / Time Travel Through Wormhole

If I went through that tunnel then if I just took the direct route through ordinary space but the point is that Einstein tells us that space and time or curved they’re flexible so we can imagine picking up this piece of paper and curling these two regions so that they’re close to each other then you go into that end of the wormhole you come outside the other end and there’s a shortcut in between them in which the distance is not that much.

So the wormhole provides a way that you can travel what appears to be a very long distance in a very short period of time and it’s for that reason that wormholes have found a special place in science fiction.

If you want to write a science fiction novel you might want to be able to get across the galaxy very quickly and you don’t want to be limited by the speed of light.

Is Time Travel Possible through Wormhole?

So a wormhole can be a shortcut it can be a way to get around all the space that you have to travel through if you believe that the speed of light really is a speed limit you can’t go faster than the speed of light.

The wormhole provides you away maybe to still go slower than the speed of light but get to where you want to go much faster because the distance is much shorter it’s really just a shortcut through space itself.

A wormhole might also empty into another time that’s because wormholes are portals through the fabric of space and time while they could theoretically link different locations in space they could also theoretically link up different locations in time because space and time are mixed up together.

Is Time Travel Possible through Wormhole?

you could actually not only end up in a different part of space by going through the wormhole but you could also end up in the past you could end up in a different part of time you could go into your own past then come visit yourself before you entered the beginning of the wormhole, sounds a bit scary isn’t it?

so you could have a wormhole it goes from your living room to your dining room they might be five years apart so you enter one this year you come back five years ago and if you take the paper with you you’ve got some good chances of doing well in the stock exchange, and your other problems like relationships, exam failing, accidents and endless possibilities.

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Is Time Travel Possible through Wormhole?

Let’s be clear since Leonardo da Vinci invented the flying mechanism, it almost took 400 years to use the actual application (airplane), although the condition of earth is favorable for us, then also we took so much time, just to fly in air.

Is Time Travel Possible through Wormhole?

The wormhole discovery is in this era, so practically interstellar travel is next to impossible in current time.

According to my research on interstellar travel, we are not fully capable to travel for long distance in our solar system itself, and travelling through outer galaxies for the search of other Exoplanets and wormholes will take use another 600+ years, for sure.

So currently it’s nearly impossible to time travel through wormhole or time travel through space as well.

YES, we can create wormhole, but as per theories it has the size of nano-meters and last up to few nano-seconds, so technically creating a wormhole will cost us everything and, still we are unable to travel through time!!!!!

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