Top 10 Futuristic Robotic Startups in Japan

Japan is considered one of the leading county, in Technological and Industrial Development with the current advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, here are some of the Futuristic Robotic Startups in Japan.

Robotics in Japan

Japan is one of the Leading countries in Technological Development, and Robotics is one of the most important aspects of Technological development.

With the increasing popularity of Robotic Applications in many industries in our Day to day lives, some Japanese Startups have emerged in the field of Robotics and Automation.

Japan is very famous for its food culture and its Restaurants as well, so many of their Robotic startups are based on Food industries, Let’s see what are the latest Robotic Startups in Japan.

Robotic Startups in Japan

Ezoicreport this adJapan is one of the leaders in robotics and today we will talk about the 10 coolest robots and technologies created by startups in the Land of the Rising Sun.

These are some of the Latest Startups in Japan in the field of Technology.

1) Softbank Robotics:

SoftBank Robotics is one of the leading companies in japan for Robotic Evolution, the three main robots that made a huge difference in the robotic industry and are pepper, NAO, Whiz.

Robotic Startups in Japan

Softbank robotics a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Softbank works as an independent startup its most famous robots are humanoid robots nao Romeo and pepper.

Robotic Startups in Japan

The robot pepper is able to recognize people’s emotions support conversations on given topics and work as a salesman or porter.

It recognizes its surroundings with HD cameras and distance sensors move on the wheels and wears a 10-inch tablet on its chest to display information, it can dance sing remind you of business, and just communicate with you.

Its other fellow friends are NAO, which is a semi-humanoid robot, famous for dancing, and performing other activities with humans.

2) Connected Robotics

Connected Robotics, the startup is recognized for its innovative robots and their implementation ideas.

Startups in Japan

Connected Robotics a Tokyo startup that creates autonomous machines for working in restaurants, for example, octo-chef robot that can toast Takoyaki octopus balls it’s a very popular Street food in Japan.

Robotic Startups in Japan

Octo-Chef Robot should not only become helpers in restaurants in Japan but also popularized Japanese food around the world as well.

The second startup robot is Rita ice-creamer the appearance of the robot can be different but their application is certainly joyful and enthusiastic.

robotic companies in japan

The machine is controlled from a tablet and gives out ice cream completely independently while entertaining the audience with funny conversations.

robotic companies in japan

It’s a fully functional ice-cream automation solution in the busy lifestyle, that also works as an entertainer for the customers.

robotic companies in japan

The company has also developed robotic systems for washing dishes and robots for hot snacks. There are also other variants of the ice creamer, like a dinosaur, cow, and ride-on bunny.

3) Preferred Networks

Preferred Networks is a start-up focused on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Home Automation.

robotic companies in japan

Recently Preferred Networks introduced the world’s first robot capable of tidying up the toilet room the robot understands in various cleaning commands and instructions.

robotic companies in japan

With the help of machine learning and computer vision, it has the ability to recognize most household equipment and objects with high precision.

robotic companies in japan

As you can see in the above images with the help of computer vision and machine learning it recognizes objects and rearranges accordingly, their major business model is home assistance, it uses machine visions to recognize more than 300 objects allowing it to clean where it normally does not want to.

startups in japan

By as the matter of fact, way preferred networks is the most expensive startup from Japan which is valued at 2 billion dollars and they are not selling the robot itself but its services.

4) Telexistence Inc.

Telexistence Inc is one of the most innovative Robotic Startups in Japan, with a specialization in the development of humanoid robots.

startups in japan

Telexistence Inc develops remote-controlled robots that can repeat your actions even on the opposite side of the globe.

These robots allow you to perform tasks communicate and physically interact with others via telecommunications in doing so the operator receives sensory information from the robot.

startups in japan

There are many applications of remotely operated robots, like for performing surgeries, for demonstrations purpose, or for educational purposes as well.

5) LifeRobotics

Life Robotics develops industrial robots that help companies automate production and warehousing processes.

startups in japan

The startup is focused on developing collaborative robots capable of learning and expanding their functionality workflows and tasks under user guidance.

These types of startups are based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and can possibly be a threat to the employment of workers and common people.

6) PARO Therapeutics

PARO Therapeutics has developed an advanced interactive robot in the form of a Greenland SEAL cup which serves as a companion for older people.

startups in japan
startups in japan

The robot is far from being a toy it has been scientifically proven to be effective against elderly people’s problems such as dementia and loneliness.

7) PLEN Robotics

PLEN Robotics is a Smart Robotics-based startup in Osaka, they are developing a portable robot called the cube the device is equipped with an intelligent camera, motion tracking sensors, face recognition system, and speech recognition sensors as well.

Robotic Startups in Japan

This portable robot companion even tries to imitate the human senses and expressions as well.

Robotic Startups in Japan

PLEN Robotics is mainly based on Home Automation, like Face Recognition door locking Systems, etc.

8) Ascent Robotics

Ascent Robotics provides an artificial intelligence-based software for robots and unmanned cars, just like Elon Musk’s Tesla Ascent AI is also working on humanless driving solutions.


Robotic Startups in Japan

The ascent research team is now focused on advancing neural models and machine learning algorithms at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 the startup plans to showcase its first level or vehicle to achieve this goal the company uses artificial intelligence that mimics the human nervous system to better understand causal relationships.

Robotic Startups in Japan

9) ZMP Robotics

ZMP founded in 2001 is a startup that specializes in selling experimental vehicles with autonomous driving technology installed as a research and development platform.

Robotic Startups in Japan

Intel and Sony are investing in the company as it will totally change the transportation system in Japan and the world as well.

Robotic Startups in Japan

ZMP also makes autonomous assistant robots.

10) Mujin

Mujin a startup based on Microcontrollers, it’s a company that specialized in Industrial Robotics and other equipment.

Robotic Startups in Japan

The startup controllers allow the robot to think through their movements without any prior programming adapting to the situation.

Robotic Startups in Japan

Mujin startup technology is heavily used in logistics warehousing and production automation for collection packaging and sorting functions.

Robotic Startups in Japan

The Company has developed the world’s first personnel free warehouse in partnership with JD comm a Chinese leader in e-commerce and this last home robot is not from a start-up at all but from Japanese giant Toyota with the help of virtual reality technology everyone can teach this robot any arbitrary tasks instead of prescription commands.

The robot recognizes the environment does not require knowledge of an area and is able to change its height.

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Which is the Most Expensive Startup from Japan?

preferred networks robot 1 1

The Robotic Startup Preferred Networks is the most expensive startup in Japan, at the valuation of almost 2 Billion Dollars, as it is based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotics. For more information about Robotic Startups in Japan have a look at them.

Which is the most Innovative & Futuristic Startup in Japan

softbank robotics 1

The AI-based Robotic Startup Softbank Robotics is the most innovative and Futuristic Startup in Japan, their startup is mainly based on AI and ML-based Robots and Life Automation, currently, their Pepper and NAO are considered as the most advanced Humanoid Robots in the world.

Which Startup/Company is based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Japan

life robotics 1

The RPA based Robotic Startup LifeRobotics is a Robotic company based on Robotic Process Automation in Japan.

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