How Tesla AI & Tesla’s Autopilot AI Works (Detailed)

After a lot of research on Tesla’s AI and Tesla’s Autopilot mode, this is what I got to know about Tesla AI and Tesla’s Autopilot AI. Tesla uses advanced AI automation in their self-driving cars, what we call Tesla AI, Let’s see how it works and what are the theory and concepts behind it.

A bit Introduction about Tesla, Inc

Founded in 2003, Tesla is an Electric car manufacturing company that mainly focuses on Electric Vehicles and Clean Energy. Primarily the company is based in Palo Alto, California.

Elon Musk is one of the early investors and the current CEO of Tesla, Inc since 2008, The company’s name is based on renowned scientist Nicola Tesla, tesla Roadster was their first project as an electric car after that tesla launched the Model S in 2012, Model X in 2015, Model 3 in 2017, and Model Y in 2020. In this Model 3 is the most successful car for tesla.

Tesla also started developing its own solar energy products and specialized batteries to store the solar energy collected from their solar products. In 2016 Tesla Bought a solar-based company named SolarCity and changed its name from Tesla to Tesla, Inc, which represents a combination of multiple companies.

Specialties of Tesla ai Automobiles

For more than a decade Tesla Automobiles are famous for their quality, style, there AI autopilot driving, design, robust structure, and class, There are many Specialties of Tesla Automobiles in this blog we are discussing some of them.

1) Tesla’s Design:

Tesla is well known for its sleek, classy, and robust design, but not only that tesla cars are also famous for their sporty looks. Right from modern, advance techy, and futuristic interior designs Tesla cars are a piece of art of their own.

Just Because Tesla batteries are situated at the bottom of the seats, it saves a lot of space for other things like gasoline trunk, transmission hump, driveshaft tunnel, and much more.

2) Tesla’s Autopilot AI Mode

Over the course of many years, Tesla developed an AI that works on Autopilot (automatic driving). Tesla cars are very famous for their autopilot that works without any driver, there are many YouTubers that traveled for long distances without even touching on the staring wheel.

What is Tesla AI & How Tesla's Autopilot AI Works? by

We will talk more in this upcoming session about how tesla Autopilot AI works and more about it.

3) Tesla’s Propulsion System:

There are many cars on the road that uses internal combustion engines and multispeed transmissions, all the cars around have 1000 different parts that require regular maintenance, and its difficult to do that so in daily life, Tesla claims that their automobiles contain 17-18 moving parts compared to other automobiles.

Due to this Tesla automobiles are considered to be low-maintenance cars because of it’s electronic components.

4) Tesla’s Batteries:

As we know electric cars work on electric batteries and tesla has a special type of lithium-ion batteries known as Powerwall, which lasts for a very long period of time as compared to any other electric cars. Plus their batteries are located at the bottom of the car to save space as well as to balance center of gravity of the car, which makes tesla cars extremely stable for driving because the heavy load is closest to the ground.

The secret of tesla 18650 batteries is they are made of nickel-cobalt-aluminum-lithium chemistry, which has about 50% more energy density than other BEV (battery electric vehicles) cells.

What is Tesla AI & How Tesla's Autopilot AI Works? by

5) Tesla’s Wireless Updates:

Like Most of the other electric car manufacturers tesla also provides regular updates to its electric cars, but the specialty of tesla cars is that they provide all types of software updates wirelessly to your car for free as well, unlike other companies for which you have to visit their so-called maintenance centers which also charges high amount of money for their updates.

So choosing a Tesla is always profitable.

6) Tesla’s Speed Charging:

Tesla, Inc takes special care of their customers by making their own personalized charging stations for their electric cars.

Tesla Autopilot Mode by
Tesla Autopilot Mode by

The specialty of these charging stations that they are the fastest-charging stations that any other company provides.

7) Tesla’s Instrument Panel:

Here’s a special thing about tesla, many companies provide lots of buttons switches, joysticks, knobs, and much more but tesla combines everything within a single screen, that controls everything you need.

The tablet on tesla cars is easy to use due to which tesla simplifies the driving process.

8) Tesla’s no fuel storage:

As Tesla is an electric car company so there’s no need for fuels like petrol, gas, etc. So due to this, there are no petrol tanks and tesla uses 1,200 pounds of batteries that are nearest to the ground, which simply gives tesla cars much more stability over rough driving and also saves space.

9) Tesla’s High Saftey Standards:

There are many videos on youtube that show how highly secured tesla electric cars are, right from the robust body frame to their instant airbag system tesla covered almost all aspects of security, as we discussed earlier it also has amazing weight distribution as compared to any other cars in the market.

Tesla ai Autopilot Mode:

Tesla Self-driving Autopilot mode made a huge impact all over the world, this works with the help of Tesla AI which helps Tesla car owners to drive long distances without doing anything, there’s a security in tesla cars that you have to touch the staring wheel every 15 seconds.

Tesla AI Autopilot Mode by

Tesla’s Autopilot Mode works by scanning the surroundings at a specific distance, it uses multiple cameras and sensors to take a detailed information about the surrondings.

There are many YouTubers who traveled long distances on tesla self-driving mode by sleeping in their car,,,, YES!!!

In the current world, Tesla’s Self-driving Autopilot mode is considered to be top-notch, but we can still call it as 1st or 2nd stage automation because it’s still in the development stage and it will take huge time and investments for fully automatic vehicles, that can be totally self-driven by itself, without ever touching its staring wheel.

The ultimate fantasy of full vehicular autonomy meaning the driver can catch up on emails watch the scenery or simply enjoy a well-earned nap right now tesla is reluctantly marooned at level two with only a couple of aspects of their driving experience automated most notably speed control and lane changing modern testers are technically quite capable.

how Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars works / working of Tesla AI (Tesla’s Autopilot AI)

Tesla’s autopilot sensors are soo smart that they can spot any vehicle, human, the animal just like a normal human does, So the question arises.

How does Tesla’s Autopilot AI or Tesla’s AI works?

At the most basic level, visual feedback is fed into the system via tesla’s eight on-board cameras three of these are mounted on the windscreen each slightly different from the other and suitable for very different ranges the car’s main front-facing camera is calibrated for visual recognition up to 150 meters.

Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars or Tesla AI (Tesla's Autopilot AI) by

There’s also a wide-angle camera that can see more broadly up to a range of 60 meters and a narrow field camera which peers into the distance as far away as 250 meters.

In addition, there are four more regular cameras mounted on each side of the vehicle two are slotted rear wood and another two are angled forward for merging and maneuvering into tight spots and finally, there’s a rear camera which itself has a range of up to 50 meters used both as a run-of-the-mill parking camera and another data source feeding crucial situational data back to the central computers.

Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars or Tesla AI (Tesla's Autopilot AI) by

These cameras whose visual fields overlap providing the necessary redundancy which is a cornerstone of tesla’s safe design philosophy are only part of the picture a front-facing radar that detects objects up to 160 meters away by bouncing radio waves off of them is a key component in the sensor arrays.

Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars or Tesla AI (Tesla's Autopilot AI) by

It’s reported that Tesla is currently planning to integrate a radar with twice that range into its newer models with slicker processing capacity courtesy of cutting-edge radar design by Israeli tech startup Arbe robotics.

Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars or Tesla AI (Tesla's Autopilot AI) by

The new thing is tesla is working on LIDAR technology which is quite similar to that of radar, but also different in many aspects, but the major problem with Lidar sensors is that they are ridiculously expensive as compared to Radar sensors, that’s the reason why Elon musk used radar over lidar.

Tesla’s electric cars are also fitted with 12 small dots situated around the car each of which provides essential short-range sensory input up to about eight meters through the magic of ultrasound.

Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars or Tesla AI (Tesla's Autopilot AI) by

this medium provides tesla with what has been described as a protective cocoon around the vehicle enabling it to detect when an object a crash barrier say or a dog is getting too close

for comfort working together in concert this imaginative fusion of conventional cameras sophisticated radar and 360-degree ultrasound, help tesla stay finally attuned to their surroundings add that to the car’s ultra-precise GPS tracking and world-class mapping systems

Artificial Intelligence in Tesla Cars or Tesla AI (Tesla's Autopilot AI) by

and you have a vehicle that’s substantially smarter than most human beings at assessing where it is and what’s going on out there on the mean streets of course when it comes to safe motoring sensory input is only part of the story.

so how is all that lovely data organized and processed with his characteristic knack for modest understatement Elon musk has described the new processor at the beating heart of his iconic car as the best chip in the world tesla’s so-called full self-driving chip shipped in all new models is a 260 square millimeter chunk of prime Samsung silicon boasting no fewer than six billion transistors each chip there’s two aboard.


again ensuring that all-important redundancy is capable of performing some 26 trillion operations a second this means it can respond in real-time to any of the multi-various hazards brought to its attention from that smart sensory array

the car’s silicon brain also has the ability to learn and learn it most certainly does not only from its own native experience fed by those sensors but from data harvested across the entire global fleet of teslas and their own sensor arrays every single tesla on the road and the company manufactured half a million of them in 2020 alone collects detailed information on its environment and feeds it back to headquarters.

so how autonomous actually are the latest teslas they’re shipped with all the hardware Elon musk reckons is necessary for achieving the self-driving dream but for now the furthest towards that ambition these cars actually get is tesla’s so-called autopilot mode the newest enhanced bells and whistles autopilot mode which tesla drivers can order over the air for approximately $8,000 as an optional extra offer dynamic traffic-aware cruise control.

Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence (AI): (AI that works inside Tesla cars)

Tesla’s AI consist of complex neural network algorithms, motion sensing radars, image processing softwares that works on AI, and much more.

Let’s start from the cameras, take a look at the image given below,

Tesla's Artificial Intelligence (AI): (AI that works inside Tesla cars) by

These are 8 cameras that are mounted on the Tesla electric car, that uses neural networks to track down the objects that has been captured in the cameras and with the help of their previous data recognises the object, if its a car, truck, bike or something else, each camera work of it;s own.

The neural networks tracks the lane, the distance of the object, drive-able space, and lot of other things like traffic lights is green or red and much much more.

So the core functionality of these neural networks are their visual recognition, for humans it’s an easy problem, just to recognise between objects but for machines it’s similarly difficult as to teach a 5 year old child,

Tesla's Artificial Intelligence (AI): (AI that works inside Tesla cars) by

Each image is a massive grid of pixels for a computer, that sees through its own AI vision, the computer breaks the image into small pixels of colours and their specific value.

Tesla's Artificial Intelligence (AI): (AI that works inside Tesla cars) by

Each pixel stores a specific value of a colour that then forms the set of image of multiple coloured pixels, specifically speaking the computer gets a million values in a grid that gets the values of a specific pixels in the form of numbers of the brightness level.

Tesla's Artificial Intelligence (AI): (AI that works inside Tesla cars) by

This AI based computers has similar neural network pattern to that of a human, we have biologically in built image recognition system in our rain.

So similar to that of human Tesla AI uses Artificial Neural Networks, which uses specific artificial intelligence algorithms to calculate the image values from the generated values of pixels.

Tesla's Artificial Intelligence (AI): (AI that works inside Tesla cars) by

So to train the computer that this image is of iguana we have to show 100 or 1000 of iguana images to the computer so that compute can predict the image with the help of probability and statistics.

How Tesla uses AI and Neural Networks For Road Mapping

Another example is Tesla AI land mapping system, its very important for our car to not to go out of lane, it could be extremely risky thing for a car to go out of lane.

How Tesla uses AI and Neural Networks For Road Mapping by

It directly recognises the white markings on the road till it ends or becomes blur or fade, and if the kines curl a little bit then the AI makes prediction of the front lane and upcoming route.

But the problem is there’s no specific algorithm to tell that this lane is right and this is wrong, so to solve this issue they feed lots of data from the past of the certain lane or road, with the help of “Data Mapping”

How Tesla uses AI and Neural Networks For Road Mapping by

The above image is an example of how the old data can help to for the lane which is in the current situation.

Tesla collects a massive amount of data of various locations, roads, highways, areas and much more, this huge amount of data is stored in Tesla’s DATA Headquarters for further classification and simplification.

How Tesla uses AI and Neural Networks For Road Mapping by

This are some of the demos how tesla tracks each and every data of reads and areas as well.

For all this neural networks Tesla Requires Huge data sets, which they have divided into three categorise, So Tesla has three type of neural network datasets

How Tesla uses AI and Neural Networks For Road Mapping by

How object detection in Tesla Car works?

As we discussed earlier Tesla uses image mapping that is powered with the help of Tesla AI and Neural Networks, for it’s object detection, Tesla relies Heavily on their data for object recognition.

Take an example of a car in the given image below, with the help of thousands of previously loaded images of cars in their data-set it’s quite easy for Tesla cars to detect the above moving object is a car.

How to object detection in Tesla Car works? by

To be more specific let’s take an example of the image given below.

How object detection in Tesla Car works? by

It’s a image in which a bicycle is attached to a car, which is true as well, but Tesla’s Artificial Intelligence is so well build that it recognises its a single object.

With the help of their huge data Tesla car predicts that this is a bicycle mounted on a car.

How object detection in Tesla Car works? by

This can be possible with the help of extensive Data Mapping and Data Analysis, for more info visit “WHAT IS DATA MAPPING (PURPOSE, USES, AND WORKING, DEFINITION)”

This are some of the other examples of animal occurrences, that has been detected by Tesla image recognition system.

How object detection in Tesla Car works? by

Tesla uses Image Recognition not only for detecting objects but also its used for safety purposes as well,

How object detection in Tesla Car works? by

Tesla AI also uses GPS, maps, geographical structures, past information and other areas of similarities for path prediction.

How object detection in Tesla Car works? by

As we mentioned earlier that how Tesla autopilot AI mode uses radar in their system, this radar systems are extremely important for gaining the information about surroundings like nearby cars, other vehicles, human, animal, lane, and much more.

How object detection in Tesla Car works? by
How object detection in Tesla Car works? by

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works

In February 20 2010 Tesla released this 30 second video clip showing an example of what the forward-facing autopilot camera sees along with all the annotations made by the computer which demonstrates what the system understands about the world around it.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

So at first glance, it looks pretty complicated but also pretty cool right let’s take a closer look at the details so let’s start with these arrows on the road now we’ve all seen these before indicating which way you can turn but look at how they’re labeled la FA and RA that’s left arrow front arrow or forward arrow and right arrow these are correctly labeled by the system if we keep on advancing.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

We can already see la FA and RA in the distance now if we move closer it reveals that those are correct annotations of each arrow if you’re not impressed yet just remember that this is a computer recognizing arrows on a video that it has never seen before.

all right let’s talk about stop signs now the stop sign coming up as you can see here in the intersection but if we rewind to go see where autopilot first saw that stop sign we can see that it actually found it really far back all the way out here I can find this frame

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

And if we zoom in we could see that stop sign labeled and outlined in red now if we keep going as we approach the intersection we can see that not only is the stop sign labeled but the line where the car should stop is also labeled with a red line as well as the letter S comes up.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

Over here we have another stop sign coming up and as you can see it’s labeled with the red outline as well as the stop line and even though that truck was there it still managed to properly label the stop line is pretty impressive as well.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

In the future in terms of traffic lights we can see here that there are two green lights at this intersection they are both labeled by green rectangles so we know here that the cameras and the computer recognize both the color and the location of both of these traffic lights.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

next, let’s take a look at how cars are labeled nowhere you can see that there’s a yellow 3d box around all cars that autopilot can see and as we make this turn here there’s something interesting about the cars parked on the right even though the cars are not fully visible.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Tesla Autopilot Mode works by

The system still predicts those boxes and where they are another interesting thing we can see here are the car drives along is that on the right side where the cars are parked we can actually see that the computer indicates a line a lane line even though there’s no actual line painted.

PROs & CONs of Tesla's Autopilot AI by

So technically speaking there are lots of special features in Tesla Autopilot AI, that can be pretty fascinating as well, but covering such a huge topic is not as easy as it looks. So I think we are completing our session about Tesla’s AI and its amazing autopilot feature.

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If you want to know more about Tesla’s AI, have a look at “Tesla Autopilot”

PROs & CONs of Tesla’s Autopilot AI:

See to be very specific there are lots of advantages and disadvantages of Tesla’s Autopilot AI, but so far I can conclude these, according to my research.

PROs of Tesla’s Autopilot AI:

1) Adds an additional hand to driver:

The specialty of autopilot that it works as an extra driver, in case you fall asleep of some medical issue that happened to you, the autopilot mode in tesla can take care of it, by saving your life as well.

2) Reduced Accidents:

Tesla’s Autopilot AI is much smarter than we think, so it’s almost good to rely on self-driving of Tesla cars.

3) Multitasking:

You can easily do whatever you want during driving, yes you guessed it correctly, whatever you want!!!!!

4) Driving becomes more enjoyable:

As compared to normal driving, in which we have to constantly stay alert and small mistakes can be fatal as well, But this is not with the case of Tesla owners.

CONs of Tesla’s Autopilot AI:

1) System can be hacked:

It’s a computer system, so there is always the risk of getting hacked.

2) Can be controlled by another person:

Any person who is capable of hacking into your system has the advantage of misusing your Autopilot mode in your Tesla.

3) Chances of Accidents:

Since there are fewer chances of accidents caused by a tesla car, but we cannot deny the possibilities.

So, what will be the Future of Tesla AI (Tesla’s Autopilot AI):

Believe me or not Tesla is the Future of AI Automation, in the future, we are expecting to full automation of cars with the help of Advanced AI and Neural Networks & Deep Learning.

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